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July 3rd, 2007

Jul. 3rd, 2007

Just a tiny stupid to brighten your day.

In stupidpetowners, eulogyforyou wants everyone to know that joking about dead dogs is very, very serious business!

ETA: Please please please I beg of you do not go trolling this person's journal, but I would be really remiss in my duties if I did not strongly suggest a site-seeing journey thereabouts. I hear it is lovely there this time of year.

Harry Potter fans scare me sometimes.

inkedgeekfreak posts to poor_skills sharing a coupon for 20% off a book at Borders.

The snark?

A few people start freaking out on the OP because of their icon, which is of the Harry Potter 'spoiler' that was posted all over livejournal a while ago.

If you're telling someone to rot in hell because you think they 'ruined' a children's book for you, you have issues.

Highlighted stupid - Being told how a book ends is the same as being the victim of a drive-by shooting!.

ETA - Sadly, the post has been deleted by a Mod. It was good fun while it lasted, though.

Small, chubby stupid

Over in fatshionista, seemlesswaters posts a bunch of pictures from a night out.

It's pointed out to her that no one probably cares about her friends and there isn't really any fashion in the post.

Meanwhile, jasminegurle gets butthurt over one of the photo captions.

seemlesswaters takes exception to the lack of lovin' in her first post. Whining ensues.

EDIT: Both entries have been bahleeted.
raie posts an incomprehensible wall of text to brutal_honesty with enough qualifiers and parenthetical notations to stupefy even Evelyn Wood.

For once the stupid is in the post: the OP suffers through two pages of flames for every conceivable fail possible in a post to a community with notoriously rigid posting standards, and ends the day with a flounce.

Unlocked at the time of posting.
I present to you... an unbelievable amount of tl;dr over the fact that a cashier said "blech".
EDITED FIJI BIRTHCONTROL POST I'm_so_glad_this_person_won't_be_procreating.Collapse )

First off, sorry about the cut tag -- it's now a locked entry and, guess what? I've been BANNED! I humbly thank you because -- I've never been banned before. I'd like to accept this award on behalf of Banned People Everywhere.

Anyway, the story was that blondedutch_wog is going to Fiji, and she's taking TWO PLANES! And she's also taking her birth control pills (which she follows with, "I'm on the pill.") And she needed help from the readers over at vaginapagina to tell her what would happen to those pills.

Inquiring minds need to know - will the pills get confused? Will they spontaneously combust? Will the x-ray machine kill them? Or, as one stupid_free reader wondered -- will the change in air pressure make them FERTILITY DRUGS!


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