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July 2nd, 2007

Small stupid

I don't even have anything witty to say.

Bad troll that I think might be serious + people feeding it + a bit of fat wank + a bit of race wank = facepalm

Huge Wank Bomb in dotbdsmsnark

The question is are kinksters oppressed? No matter which side you are on, you'll find stupid. If you think kinksters are oppressed, the OP's just use common sense and it'll be fine attitude will infuriate you. If you think they aren't, the tales of OMG oppreshun and the argument about who is a real kinkster will make you angry as well. In this much wank, there's got to be stupid for everyone.

ETA: I think this thread is my favorite.

ETA: No this one is
Just cause I've got nothing better to do on my lunch hour today...

Over in liberal ikkin, posts a request on people's opinions on getting conceptualpete banned.

The stupid is already out there... and of course because... OMG someone dares to request that a troll be banned = we're destroying free speech!

and yes, I'm admitting that its partially now grudge wank because of how ragnarok20 replied to me

If this does not meet the comms standards, I submit myself to the Macro'ing masses
marigold89 is back and she wants us all to know she is very sorry and loves us all "in Christ" according to her most recent post in booju_newju


Link to personal journal removed.
Mocking of a person who is in an abusive situation removed.

The stupid I see here is why does she think booju_newju of all places is a good place to "wittness" to people?

Jul. 2nd, 2007

We're back in thequestionclub again; this time, chibister wants to know if smoking cigarettes will cause you to fail a drugs test.

I have no words.

ETA: *cough*metastupid!*cough* Someone's got very into their A Level philosophy!

When "I Do" only means "...for 24 hours."

Like others, I'm fixing to pop my stupid_free cherry. I'd say go easy on me, but I prefer it rough.

While catching up on LJ today, I see that in all_macros, slyfoot brings us a macro of the Statue of Liberty that says "Lady Liberty | May She Live Forever In Heaven's Memory.

It's a craptastic macro, but, then ol slyfoot says he's got this brilliant idea.

For 24 hours on July 4th, I'm going to marry Lady Liberty.

Yeah, I'm being serious, and I think it's a fine idea, how about you?

Are you single? Do you feel unwanted? Are you American? Then on July 4th, Marry America. it's just a symbolic thing, but O I do not underestimate the power of symbols, Ladies and Gentlemen. I love that Lady Liberty so much that, to be honest, no other woman can quite compare on July 4th.

Words utterly and completely fail me.



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