July 1st, 2007

Paging Dr.LJ



Someone dared to bid against chatrient on ebay of all places. She rants about it in both sinandsalvation and bpalanonymous, decrying the evil of *gasp* RESELLERS!

Because obviously, no one would actually want a bottle of perfume that constantly sells for well over $100 for themselves, noooo they only want to profit from it. *facepalm*

... yes I had to add fuel to the fire. The colossal stupid of thinking no one's going to bid against you on ebay during the last minute of an auction deserves it, particularly when the item was at about $50 below market value anyway.

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Luckily, your trusty host plans ahead. Click here for saved BPAL huffage.

Edited to add again: Sanctimonious repost!

Because restating the whole "resellers" thing differently and invoking the name of BPAL's owner makes it aaaaaaall better.