June 30th, 2007

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Over in our favourite community, mock_the_stupid, fireboy4plai posts a joke memo that he wrote. Some people get the joke, some people don't. Whether they do or not, and whether they're even commenting about the original post or not, he decides to respond to everyone and inform them that they missed the joke, using such 90s sitcom witticisms as "DUH! Ya think?" and "how about NO?" When he thinks people do get the "joke", he awards them points [ding].

Further down the post, someone comments that it sounds like a joke that was passed around in the 80s. fireboy4plai gets butthurt and says that "this was purely a product of my own fractured little mind" and this:

"Wow, you're just too cool for me. Guess you'll just have to come up with your own stuff or something . . ." What?

It's small, and most of it doesn't make any sense, but there it is.
Lola Rennt


In the normally smiles and puppies and encouragement community of teaching, nemomori makes an innocuous rant post about the kind of kid that gets to all teachers.

In this post he has the audacity to call the student a "brat," and miaryann flips her shit, says the OP is an unfit teacher, and cannot deal with the concept of venting.  Please, someone think of the children.

Unlikely to get any bigger because teachers are highly evolved creatures ;P

EDIT - The post has been locked! :(