June 29th, 2007

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This is my first stupid, so be as harsh and unforgiving as you always are!

Over at the hotbed of anger and pointless internet-fights liberal we have a wannabe internet-lawyer accusing Airport security of -gasp!- CHILD PORNOGRAPHY.


Yes, according to certified legal genius vzykov, the FAA is harboring gigabytes of innocent child smut! The blurry, blue-tinted bodies of children are surely masturbation fodder for thousands of nogoodniks with access to these databases! These freedom-stealing, civil-rights-violating machines of EVIL are part of nothing less than a Republican-Corporate CONSPIRACY to spread this horrid child porn all over the internet to their digital storehouses!

Happily, across his spammed communities, most people dismiss him as a complete idiot who's got no idea what the hell a lawsuit is even for, or what child pornography is.
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sidepocket_pro makes a post in wtf_inc that has a video of turtles mating.

He also includes this gem: P.S. Drama Not Allowed. Seriously it is not fun. Do not ruin it for other people that just wanna see WTF stuff. If you want drama and complaining, go here: wtf_inc_discuss

He then goes on to comment every single person that wasn't impressed with his lame-ass post (and that was almost everybody) and then has the cajones to end the post with this comment:

P.S. Hate rally, the more you comment the more drama you cause. If you are accusing me of being a drama queen, then I rather be one than be a person that follows drama around and flames people while not having a life like the flamers here. You guys are the reason why god created skin cancer.

Chill the fuck out and find a hobby. Outside of the computer. :D

That is my suggestion. Note it is not a law. Get your facts strait people.

Watch, 8 billion comments after this one. You people are predictable and pathetic. If no comments, then I lose 10 bucks. :D

A hobby? Outside of the computer? But what if I come across two turtles having sex? OMGWTF!??


NSFW: Oh BTW, my friends saw these flaming people and laughed their asses off at you guys. Good job! So they made a bet with me to see how so far the flame mob can go. For every person that comments with a flame at me, saying this is not WTF, ect: I get 5 bucks.

Lets go! Make me money! :D

P.S. If the mods have anything against me or my posts, then they can deal with me. It is there group after all. If not, you all can being drama queens about LiveJournal posts that rub you the wrong way. :D

You can tell by the smilie faces and the fact that his friends laughed that he's not butthurt at all by the mocking.
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it's not sexy without lanugo

Over at foto_decadent, someone posts a photoshoot that employs a skeleton as its model. Most people are amused, but Fat Wank's underweight cousin, Skinny Angst, finally manages to pull itself out from between the sofa cushions and make an impassioned outcry.

Key quote:

I would have appreciated it more if they had been more distinct about unhealthy, eating disorder skinny, however they show the skeleton eating a full meal which kind of implies that healthy skinny is not really healthy. Perhaps if they'd shown the skeleton purging or doing coke or really counting calories instead of drinking cosmos and eating a dessert I would be less offended.

Eagerly awaiting tales of your personal body woes.