June 28th, 2007

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Guinea Pig post somehow turns into racist wank

Minor stupid, but still a lovely little turd to wake up to in the morning:


Over in guinea_pigs, we have billiedirect asking if s/he is insane for being offended by cooked guinea pigs being shown on TV, but understands that it's part of accepted Peruvian culture, as is eating cats/dogs in some Asian countries. Fair enough, but the stupid comes in approachmdnight's golden comment:

dude asians don't eat dogs you fucking racist piece of trash

go back to reading stormfront instead of guinea_pigs

As I said, pretty minor, but still amusing. The rest of the thread is basically approachmdnight repeating that accusing Asians of eating dogs is like "saying black people have tails" in that it's not true, and that if you think that it is, you are RACIST.

Unlocked at time of posting!

EDIT: Minorities can't be racist. I'm serious; take a course on it some time and you'll learn quite a bit.

Probably the same course that teaches that stating facts = racism...


So over in stupid_free birdlawyer posts about some crazy 17 year old buffoonary.

But then moments later, to much amusements and dismays, ayanamisama posts THE SAME THING!

But yeah, whoopty crap right...

BUT NO!! DON'T BE FOOLED! A TRIPLE POST but scumfux seals the hattrick and makes the ultimate.

These are all unlocked at the time of posting, but be wary! at any moment these accounts may become BANNED or EXPLOSIONS!

EDIT: Have some links. Gotta follow the rules and what not!
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Puerto Rico is a third world country!

Over in bad_service, tracyluvsya relates a tale of icky hotel woe from a stay in Puerto Rico. Post itself isn't especially stupid (although one does wonder why she thinks ants have a hard time with 8 stories when there's a cookie involved.)

The real fun starts here. It goes something like this:

xhappyx: You have to be careful traveling to a third world country.
kiranlightpaw: Puerto Rico is a US territory, it's not a third world country.
xhappyx: LOL FURRY

There's more stupid in the comments, too. Short, but cute. Also, not (yet) meta.

In which 250,000 Nazi soldiers are swept off to sea...

I was having a little discussion about karma over in convert_me. I mention hundreds of thousands of dead innocent people from a tsunami as possible evidence against the idea that good things happen to good people and vice versa.

enders_shadow says, "IF, reincarnation is true (I'm not sure if it is--again, sensible but no evidence for or against, really) then maybe those tsunami victims were Nazi soldiers in a past life, or crack-selling criminals who raped and killed their way to the top of the drug pyramid, only to die a peaceful death in their sleep and something bad had to happen to them."

Um, that's kinda harsh, no?

EDIT: Perhaps more offensive than patently stupid.  If so, something about cat macros!

Are we ready for some more CF stupid?

Over in childfree (I know, I know), there is a discussion about a man who was frustrated at a group of kids repeatedly throwing rocks at his house, so he shot and killed one of them. While there is some expected sympathy towards the man, slithead brings the stupid with his claims that arresting this man is bullshit. That alone would not have made me tread the waters, but this comment takes the cake: 

What if the guy owned indoor pets? A house may be an inanimate object, but a thrown rock could lead to a broken window, which could lead to a pet escaping, which could lead to death for the pet. That's why deadly force would be justified if other approaches (like calling the police) had proven ineffective at solving the problem.


Fanfic by Erika

"You fanfic writers are wasting your time writing teh pr0nz! Think of the chilluns!"

So over in fanficrants quitel posts this diatribe last night about smutfics and innocent children asking about strap-ons. He/She/It switches his/her/its argument from, "There's nothing wrong with people having free will and posting NC-17 fics. ... Parents, please put blocks on your computer so your five-year-old won't find stories about how rape solidifies a relationship." to "I know there are a lot of NC-17 writers out there that can write well...I just wish they used their talents for something better."

Cue "You can't tell me what to write about!" and "It's not my job to police others' kids!" wank.

But the stupid doesn't stop there!

quitel is back today with a flouncy flounce post! " I am so glad that I could make you all so happy with my previous post. I raise my glass to you, fanficrants. You're my favorite. I'm honored that you would go to the trouble to sit at your computer and comment for hours on end. You truly amaze me. You really do."