June 27th, 2007

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hep who lives in San Fran, rants about the gays inbrutal_honesty

Cue various "this is not a rant community" and "its San Fran, if you don't like it then MOVE" comments to which hep keeps replying that she was there first.

One of the mods comments how this is true BH because the OP is denouncing activities that they have done before.

bonus lulz evil_twinkie asks why San Fran even needs Pride Week.

unlock at time of posting.

So it appears that this be a troll post...
Bring on the macros gay cat macros.
Damn this was my 1st S_F too ;_; but my HTML wasn't DOA :p

But but but, I don't WANNA eat my veggies!

Over in thequestionclub, gothstar wants help to find out how to eat more veggies. Unfortunately, she does not REALLY want to eat any veggies since she has neither the money, time or gag reflex to eat said veggies. There's not really any stupid in the comments, just a lot of "Um, eat them anyway" and "suck it up." The real gold is in all of her lame excuses, most repeatedly the whole barfing thing.

EDIT: Goddammit, it's Flocked, and I'm a loser. At least I can keep down my greens.
so i'm back to the velvet underground

The stupid, it kills!

tw: mumspiration

Baby's First Stupid!

In fam (fertility awareness method) apparently eyelid is in the latter half of her luteal phase because she just will not let this thing drop. There's a little bit of tl;dr so let me provide the SparkNotes version:

OP is laurensellscorn who is bringing a little bit of stupid of her own by asking how she can ease her partner's anxiety over her decision to use FAM plus condoms instead of hormonal birth control. Partner is saying he wants some kind of waiver saying if she gets knocked up because of her "voodoo birth control method" that he's hereby not responsible. Methinks there needs to be a tad bit more mutual communication and joint decision-making in that relationship.

Enter some statistics wank that I must confess, for me, was tmm;dr (too much math; didn't read). Special appearance by the Star of Our Show eyelid who is displaying some of the tremendous people skills she'll be more than willing to bust out later. Also, she's wrong. Note her lack of reply.

And now our main course: Emergency Birth Control Wank (who knew there even was such a thing outside of abortion debate communities?). According to Planned Parenthood and a cited and sourced Wikipedia article, EC may possibly prevent implantation of a zygote, but that hasn't been proven. You'd think that would be noncommittal enough for eyelid, but no. She will not rest until we all know that it is absolutely, positively, forever and ever, impossible and inconceivable (that word, I do not think it means what you think it means) that EC does that. And she's going to be a completely dismissive and sarcastic bitch until oboegoddess gets it. Because someone who thinks that birth control pills all only contain progesterin is clearly an expert on female endocrinology.

EDIT: DRAT! Foiled again! Comments in question deleted as I was typing this up. Done in the same mature, dialogue-seeking spirit that was originally displayed within them.

EDIT THE SECOND: Comments deleted by the OP and I can't say I blame her.


Over in booju_newju, bicrim asks what should we do if, hypothetically, our teenage sons got some girl pregnant.

marigold89's answer? I'd spank my teenage son and encourage the girl's parents to spank her pregnant ass too. This is fine because I'm 17 and I got spanked yesterday! Oh, and they'd never be allowed to see each other again, so we'd move away.

ETA: I totally missed that this was posted a few minutes ago. Flame on, and bring the macros.

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Wow, I normally don't get a chance to do this because I try not to just lurk for idiots, but GOD, this person is a fucking moron.

In booju_newju genius marigold89 is not only trying to support the claim that you should beat your teenagers for having sex, but she then goes on to defend this by referencing the spanking she got just the other day.

Did I mention she's 17?

Apparently it was for being rude to her father in front of other adults, and she conveniently forgets that at the age of 17, she's got mere months before she reaches adulthood.

The whole thread is here.

*EDIT* Wow. in the 5 minutes it took me to post this, it was posted twice. I guess I fail.

I'll have an "If I don't like it, no one can have it" with a side of racism!

ade_of_roke posts to anti_porn regarding plans in Austrailia to prevent Aborigines, and only Aborigines, from accessing porn and booze. He's all for it.

Porn Ban
interesting....wish it could be global.....!

^ his exact post with the link

See it here!


This is what he's talking about.

The mod, in pointing out that he needs to fix his HTML, expresses displeasure with the situation.

ade_of_roke is having none of that: yes i do see there are wider issues here. It's quite a special case. I've only read Bruce Chatwin's Songlines, but i think most people know that the Aborigines have had many problems in relation to white culture, due to the sheer difference of adaptation. I don't think racism is the root problem, although i'm sure cases still arise. Many attempts have been made to promote aboriginal art and provide them with forms of income. But the culture clash is just huge. And this is one of the more unpleasant aspects to infect the indiginous people.

The Moon Logic is strong with this one.

Small, but think of it as delicious petit four at the end of a long, stupid day.

Edited because I remembered everything but a link to the actual post.