June 26th, 2007

baltar + six

tell me how much money i owe!

stasiia thinks the Internets can somehow decipher her boyfriend's tricky dental insurance paperwork!  She asks us to figure out her boy's teeth cleanin' policy (with little more info than "a sheet from the insurance company") then sez:

"or.. since I don't know much about all this insurance stuff, do you think he wont owe anything and it's just a really confusing sheet of paper."

...Because you can trust people on Livejournal to figure out the myriad mysteries of health insurance? Minor stupid, but geez.
good grief

First Stupid!

If it's a bad one, feel free to macro me. :) I promise, I won't delete and/or flounce.

Over in catholicism, blisspath posts about how Public Schoolteachers are getting a "pass" on sexual assault, and how the Catholic League is "trying to stick it to private institutions" - namely, the Catholics..

However, the gem responses don't come from the OP, but from kurt_bielarus:

1. napoleonofnerds questions why the OP is even taking news from the Catholic League which, as he states, is not even credible to most Catholics..

2. shutterbuginfl points out that the Catholic League is anti-semitic.

My personal favorite quote from Mr. Bielarus was, when his so-called "points" were refuted: "You are liar and not able to discuss this matters as decent people do." Apparently, decent people shouldn't use logic.

Also, Lesbians have fewer abortions! - who doesn't love a little Catholic Snark? :)
Miss Engineer

Minuscule racism stupid...

...but I'm posting it anyway.

In austincommunity, klokanek posts info about a homestay program for Japanese and Taiwanese exchange students this summer. snoopbloggyblog (whose username, I must admit, made me giggle) jumps right to the important questions and asks whether whities are stealing all the exchange students. rory_cat wants to know the answer too, since he has anecdotal evidence of unequal pay among English teachers in foreign countries. klokanek doesn't really know how to respond, so snoopbloggyblog attempts to clarify his question using an extremely long hypothetical circumstance as an example.

I have no idea whether this will explode, but it amused me. If Asian racism against everyone in America except white people is a scientifically proven phenomenon, bring on the cat macros...
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Chris Benoit kills his wife and child, but somehow it's his wife's fault according to joshtin4lyfe.

ohhoe: She's a dumb bitch to begin with. She left her first husband in the first place to be with another guy.

Oh, ONTD. You slay me. I'm sure there's tons more stupid in that post, I just haven't sifted through yet.

[ETA]: Fixed the first link. Thanks, vanishingbee!

tiny stupid

This is my first post and it's a small stupid, I know, but I loled.

Over in mock_the_stupid someone posts about the ridiculous case of the judge suing cleaners for $54 million for losing his pants. A link to an ABC website is used to illustrate the point.

The stupid comes in when channonyarrow decides to mock the website because she can't view it properly in Safari for her MAC which means the coders over at ABC are so inconsiderate because they don't make sure their code works on all major browsers, not just the one that they're using.

This leads others to bring up the point that not all designers work with PC and MAC and to suggest she get a browser that works. Which in turn prompts a tl;dr stubborn explanation on CSS, amazing wizardry and the importance of the fact that she's looking at eljay at work and a bold(ed) treatise meant to stop people from telling her she can solve her problem by letting Jesus into her life as her personal saviour/sending $250 to this Nigerian address/buying these Irish sweepstakes tickets/believing that it's not butter.

Edit: Bonus appearance by the butthurt channonyarrow - "It were joke, darnit. Why you mock me?" - who seems to think that I went to her personal journal to spam her with anonymous comments. Oh my.

(no subject)

beach_access decides to page dr. eljay

When told to call a doctor, she responds I'd be on hold for an hour if I called the advice nurse, Kaiser is slooow.

Answers are quicker this way

Because we're all doctors on the internet.

Edit: Bonus stipid.

In a thread asking about asking online about medical issues instead of calling a doctor, sweetlove2go leaves this explanation as to why it's okay.

Edit2: moshimishi changed the question, and flocked the post, so disregard the bonus stupid. Though here is a screenshot of it.