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June 22nd, 2007

Sexist stupid with a side of politics

Over at liberal, the well-known conceptualpete posts concerning a supposed liberal bias in the media, etcetera, etcetera. This is not (necessarily) the stupid.

The stupid is in the little asterisk'd line at the end, where he states:
The use of "he" is intentional, there is no need to label female writing as biased, it'd be the equivalent of pointing out that a dead guy isn't breathing.

..seems like his writing's a little biased, too, doesn't it?

P.S. There's a bit more stupid and insult-throwing in the comments. Have fun!

Also, I'm now addicted to this community, and I blame all of you.

First stupid, please be gentle.

Oh, forget it, I can't even figure out which html is messed up...and since the stupid wasn't even that good, I don't think it's worth it.  Yes, I am a retard, please cue special olympics macroes and metastupid.  Oh and sorry it took me *FOREVER* to notice the mistake, my kid woke up and real life got in the way of the intertubes.  I promise, from now on, you'll be my number 1 priority!  Thank you for the 86 responses and 1 IM alerting me to my transgression.

ETA: fuck, I did it again. So much fail, I'm failing myself. I will go to stupid school over the summer to bring my GPA up.

hahaha, wut?

Hey, guys!

It's neutering wank!  About someone's uncle's dog!

In too_much_info?

Tail feathers for crafts

I'm not sure what to say here, so here we go:


A poster would like to know how to get the smell off of tail feathers that she has taken from road kill. She's quite casual about it.


Edit: Early consensus is that its not that stupid. My apologies; I'll lurk more before posting again :)

EditEdit: via beloved_tree :
"Oh, there's stupid all right. We've got the Offended Native American Comment(TM), </a></b></a>njyoder attempting to bait the Offended Native American Commenter, and Return of the Revenge of the Offended Native American Comment(TM)"

Thanks Beloved tree!
A follow up to my last post. mybump posts about how we are all soooo meeeean.

Edit: Bahleeted already. Anyone happen to get screencaps?
Over in weddingplans, sosu_grrl posts about How she wants her fiance to sign a pre-nup, because she plans to be rich someday!

When asked how she plans on being rich, she basically has no real answer.

Small stupid, but it has potential to burst into flames, especially when kageneko posts this comment:

If I recall correctly, didn't you post to hip_domestics back in April about trying to catch your boyfriend lying to you by using a keylogger?

I'd say that a prenup should be the least of your concerns at this point. Your trust issues need to be worked out before you get married, anyway.

That, I recall, was indeed posted here at stupid_free. Enjoy, or flame me with macros if I have indeed hopped on the failboat.

EDIT: Here's the link to the keylogger stupid: Here!

Thanks for the link, rc

EDIT 2: My friend came over and now my couch is stained with bodily fluid!

Thanks, hyz!

Hai guise! Gimme ur moneyz$

In _ljkrissy makes a post in news that is a thank you post regarding the permanent account sale. Where that's involved can Strikethrough drama be far behind?

Edit: Beaten to the post. If you've not already, be sure to tell me how much I fail, and as always: POST SOME MACROS!!

N00bs, you have been warned.

"am I making no sense at all?"

You are making no sense at all.

This is my first post to this community , I hope this fits, it certainly made me wonder how she managed to post the question.

"Magazine help...
Hey hipsters. I recall someone asking a question regarding how to build something... a magazine was recommended... backyard something or another, the guy is some sort of garden/outdoor living guru. lots of archives with articles and plans and such.

I've dug through the memories, but being as vague as the info I have is, I'm having no luck.

Does anyone have any idea what I'm talking about, or am I making no sense at all?



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