June 21st, 2007

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Mock the stupid, stupid...

I know, MtS, fish in a barrel. But this stupid is...just stupid.

gerald_duck lives in a world where all countries have equal access to sex education, where there are no local traditions that may in some way affect the health and well being of the people of some countries and where we all know everything we need to know to stay healthy. Sexually, anyway.

He must do, or I doubt he'd have found this to be so mock worthy.

Thankfully, most of the comments are from people happy to point out that, if anything, he's the stupid here, but cue opalcat starting to backpedal furiously.

First stupid. If fail, send macros.

My first stupid.

The post I saw in ljchristians is HERE.

I have no witty commentary, as my brain hasn't really started to function yet today.

But I specifically wanted to call everyone's attention to twinmomm 's comment about BIENG GAY IS A CHOICE AND IZ RONG!

...I guess it's just a mini-stupid, but I thought someone in this community would have something amusing to say about it.

EDIT:  I created sanity4jesus for those of you that expressed an interest where SANE Christians can be found.  I haven't done up anything for it yet and wouldn't mind pawning this community off on someone else as I probably won't have time to be a good mod...  (ALL the "good" names were gone!)

ALSO - twinmomm asked me if I meant "her" when I referred to people that are obviously immature in their faith.  LOLZ  I don't even think I'll "honor" her with an answer.  If she has to ask if I meant her, then yes, I did.

small stupid, but stupid is stupid no matter the size

Taxes r hard. I don't no anyting about them, do I need to do them? Am I a fraud?

I'm also surprised by the fact that no one in the comments seems fazed by the fact that she's got no idea about how taxes work. At 20, no less. What? I knew about taxes well before then, and it's obvious by this that she's not paying for school either--since you have to do taxes for the FAFSA.

ETA to clarify my statment: I'm sorry about the FAFSA thing--I'm an independent student, and it's been literally years since I didn't have to do my taxes to do the FAFSA to get my financial aid. Mea culpa!

ETA le deuxième: I realize asking for advice about taxes isn't stupid, but I think we can all agree it IS stupid that many people don't know about basic finance issues such as how taxes and credit work. There, better? If you disagree, just post cat macros or something, whatever.
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OMFG you do NOT feed potato chips to DOGS!!

In newyorkers, band_dude has a few random questions; One about where to find a Marc Jacobs shirt, another about under 21 gay clubs, and... is it illegal for homeless people to have pets??

Of course, he gets mocked mercilessly for showing heavy concern for the animal being fed chips instead of dog food, but not for the homeless person not eating, and the back-and-forth hits on gems like maybe if you weren't wasting your money on designer shirts you could help them both and I don't wear shirts with peoples names on them, which sets him off, thinking it's a slam towards him for supporting big industry. What.

Most of the comments are lollable, a small but pompous stupid to start the day.

Follow-up stupid!

Remember the post a few days ago about the healthcare system in the US, which included not_for_real's comments about the fact that everyone who gets cancer "more than likely did enough shit to get it"? Remember the part where she told bitterspinster to "enjoy her death," and about a hundred people responded telling her she was a filthy piece of distended rectum?

Well, she came back, saw the error of her ways and was full of remorse. She even bought bitterspinster a big bunch of flowers to say sorry and wish her a speedy recovery.


Instead, she informs us that "everyone dies, what's the big deal?", and says that she's actually not gloating, she just "has a positive view on everything," and will enjoy her death, don't you know! However, she then points out, a mere sentence later, that she "doesn't feel bad when morons die," is "glad that she's offended," and accuses bitterspinster of helping to destroy the planet, making her the piece of shit in the conversation.

Kill it with fire.

ETA: Check out her journal. Her most recent entry, presumably for the benefit of people finding their way there via this discussion, is entitled "So many Americans seem to almost wallow in their ignorance," and is an essay on how give "give yourself cancer in five easy steps." This is probably the best line in the whole thing: "Like everyday i realize how lucky i am and other people are out there bitching about CANCER that they gave to themselves." I mean, how dare other people complain about having cancer, as if it's some massive downer! Oh, and? She compares herself to Jesus. Seriously.
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I was reading the post and wondering who would make such inane comments, then I looked at the username.

Do we remember bkmichele from bad_service by any chance?

Well her hotelier expertise asshattery strikes again.

You got bad service on your wedding day from a hotel that has over-charged you/given rooms you orded away. Well surely you desrved the bad service!!

And as a side note: -

What do you think of telling people they've made stupid_free? I think it tends to make them delete the entries quicker and thus the fun ends. You?

Da bums are wicked cool!

clintiskeen makes a post in the sociologists community filled with dumb image macros and gems such as this:

Think of how cool it would be to be temporarily homeless. Living the life, but as an impostor, reveling in the sweet lack of responsibility knowing at any time I can call time out and go back home. Wandering around in the middle of the street in broad daylight drunk as hell, talking to myself scratching my ass without a care as to who is watching.

The stupidity and troll-hood is being laid down pretty thick here.

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In pregnant mybump posts about how she is having migraines all the time, and that her eyes were turning yellow. People tell her to go to the ER now, as she could have jaundice.

She goes to the doctors where she doesn't get an answer, but says nothing. She is also given vicodin, which she says she can't take, but does not tell the doctor.

She then posts once more about how she wants her boyfriend to pay for a midwife, yet is apparently in need to apply for medicaid.

Edit: Even with her money issues, she still had enough to spend spend 350 dollars for a diaper bag.