June 20th, 2007

  • dindin

Oh, noes! This satirical newspaper is being satirical!


Small wank with a side of stupid

A relatively small stoopid courtesy of cat_macros. I lol'd, its worth checking out if you are bored.

irishdancerchik is greatly offended by a cat macro. irishdancerchik proceeds to completely miss the point and humor of the macro and exits stage left with a heaping serving of great flounce and butthurt.

As for me? Im with jeremykayes on this one...

Like running from a volcano in flippers

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I be flip-floppin', an' they be hatin.

I think I'd like to call this trick the "Mod Flounce."  Oh, opalcat...don't you know it's all for the lulz?

EDIT:  Got yer salient details right here.  In this lovely post, we were reintroduced to opalcat and her remarkable gymnastic ability.  I'm guessing she took offense to being called on her asshattery again.

EDIT THE SECOND: She also edited the community info...we now have it in writing (and highlighted, too!) that annoying the Almighty by whining or flaming (in other words, disagreement) will bring down the Mini Mjollnir of Doom upon your hapless head.