June 19th, 2007

What do the childfree know about post-partum depression? Hm...

monkeypussnz wants to know if since 1/3 of new mothers in New Zealand suffer from post-partum depression could this be a form of population control 'ala Anderea Yates?'

Because clearly, 1/3 of the mothers in the world are killing off their babies.

I mean, maybe it could be a legitimate question - if you really wanted to know WHY post partum depression happens, not make it sound like mom's are killing babies left and right. The link someone posted says more about social reasons for post-partum than it does about evolutionary reasons anyhow.

Stupid Breeds Again

This is so mindbogglingly stupid I can't even believe it's real.

She is sick in numerous ways, nauseous, increased appetite, constipated, irregular periods and just general feeling like crap. And, she is rapidly gaining weight in her stomach area. She's taken pregnancy tests and they are negative but she knows that isn't always reliable.

How on Earth will she get to the bottom of this medical mystery???? Post a picture on _pregnant_, that's how!


I found this on prego_drama, but thought it fell right in line with the previous Paging Dr. El Jay post.

Edit: While bushisgonein08 (that was fun to type) is the source of our stupid, a special mention to givens for completely flipping her shit throughout the comments.

Vegans eat people!

pistoledxhearts is such a hardcore vegan,  he would eat a human!

Yum yum!

And don't forget, people who are vegans for health reasons are selfish!   But not our friend , who would starve before eating a product derived from animal suffering!  What a saint!  I bet he offers himself to starving animals every day rather than hog all those nutrients.

It's a good thing people are classified as plants, otherwise pistoledxhearts  wouldn't be able to stand on that high horse of his.

stupid from ONTD, whats new

There's two you tube clips of when Michael Moore went on the view today to discuss Sicko. Penty of stupid to go around already considering that its The View.

touchmyrancorchimes in with this lovely little gem: Did he talk about the irony in a fat-assed motherfucker making a movie about health care?

There's more where that came from, don't worry.

First stupid, btw. Don't rip me to shreds and eat me :P

Oh, Ragnarok, My Son, My Son.

First post, but this is just a GLORIOUS meta stupid.

[Bad username: two stabs] posts here about accidental drunken cock-grabbing.

ragnarok20 then thinks it's the perfect time to claim that the accidental drunken cock-grabbing single-handedly throws out the, "Drunk women can't consent!" bull crap we hear every day."

Watch as Ragnarok claims that drunk men forcing themselves on drunk women are being raped just as much! Marvel as Ragnarok tells us all about those awful underage women running around bars just waiting for their chance to accuse men of rape! Gasp as Ragnarok bitches about the difficulty of knowing when someone's consenting, while simultaneously saying that "you don't have to ask for explicit consent" to have sex that isn't rape!

Choice quotes:

Let me put it this way: If you are a woman, you don't have to worry so much about this. A guy has to worry that the girl will decide the day after that she didn't actually want it. A guy has to worry about some girl getting pissed off at him and claiming it was rape after the fact. A guy has to worry about underage girls in bars (seriously, if a chick picked up an underage guy in a bar, do you really think they'd successfully charge her? Hell, they barely charged that hot blond chick in Florida who was fucking her 13 year old student).

Because, as we all know, women don't have to worry about rape at all. Oh, no, it's not as if women have anything to worry about when it comes to rape. Nope.

Btw, why is there no feminist equivalent to dot_race_snark? Because, if there were, that's where this would go. And I see so much stupid along these veins every day.