June 18th, 2007


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So over in transgender, kristencordy has an appalling experience to share with us:

kristencordy: So these two girls were kissing on a Portland bus. The bus driver warned them and seconds later told them to ROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKSROSAPARKS!

Actually, I was wrong; the two kinds of oppression aren't comparable. After all, tell me what ethnic group is barred from marriage? What Ethinc group can be denied housing or even a job under the law.

Yes I feel we need a Rosa because no ethinc group is limited in the way GLBT people are.

Think what ethinc group has the limitations under the US Constitution that the GLBT population has at this time.


litharreal: Oh yeah, the same thing happened to me and my fiance, who's a pre-testosterone trans man who sometimes gets mistaken for a woman, so we compared the bus-driver to a member of the KKK-"which I suspect stung a bit, given that he was a member of the minority Ms. Parks made her stand for."

Oh, you think that's not okay? Well that's just, like, your opinion, man.

sttatus_quo: I use the KKK a lot to illustrate points I want to make.

It's okay, tho. I am a cis-gendered, bisexual, middle-aged, white, obese, leatherwoman with an assortment of humanitarian credentials. Oh, and My dad's Jewish, you PC-bigot. I KNOW bigotry.

I mean, I even remember rooms and water fountains with "Colored Only" on them, which I saw as I walked into the "Whites Only" bathroom.

Did I mention that I'm older than you? That means I'm right.

aureantes: Well, I'm litharreal's fiance and he had been being rather loud in conversation with a couple other black male passengers at the vestibule end of the car (we were in the middle -- with several other passengers, also white, remaining silent throughout), making more of a 'disturbance' to anyone's ride than we were, and certainly seemed to be relishing the opportunity to stick it to the white folks while he was wearing the uniform and was able to threaten us with being thrown off. REVERSE RACISM!!!!!!!!! And besides, racism ended in the '60s or something. Stop being so PC.

jimmywitz: What, white queer people appropriate? Psh, appropriate is just a PC catch word.

nezchan: Okay, time to step in and address all the concerns raised in this thread. Let me just put on my mod ass hat and tell these two to stop swearing. PROBLEM SOLVED!

x-posted because it just keeps getting stupider and stupider.
all we need

...well, then.

My first stupid ever! :D

Over in bad_rpers_suck, we have a seriously tl;dr grudgewank post which includes the following gems (from the original post, not the comments):

I can see you are all intelligent people, but the fact remains that you all spend days, drooling infront of your computer, in your parent's basement, staring at so called "poorly written out profiles." Get a Life, do something with your lives.

Anyways, now that I shall enjoy my stay in this community for a short time before the owner kicks me out for telling the truth, I will be glad to recieve you heart wrenching comments! Please, try your best not to make cry guys. The meannies are mean...:( :)

He then demonstrates how much he doesn't care about what the people of BRPS think by posting his character's entire profile (which reads like a combination of a bad video game and a cheesy kung fu movie), complete with image links that don't work!


[edit] We have a winning comment.

By the way, many, many macros in the comments. ;P

[edit the second] Evidently this is the post from which the grudgewank has stemmed.

[edit the third] icedark_elf comments that she's going to get popcorn, and the OP hopes she dies of it.

This's my first stupid_free post, so... I'm sorry if I didn't bring the funny.
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