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June 17th, 2007

so last night, my nosy neighbor mistook my boyfriend for a burglar and called the cops. 7 police cars and 2 helicopters.

apparently there is a rapist in their community hence the overreaction, but this is the icing on the cake:

the big deal is because he's 19 and i'm 14
then goes on to whine about losing all these privileges and blahblah.

comment gold:

"...gets charged with stachatory rape"

Jun. 17th, 2007

postsecret is probably the worst place to go diving for stupid, but this one was enough to make my brain hurt.

pechoris doesn't understand how someone could have children by someone other than their husband without having an affair. Because affair = sex, and anything that's not an affair != sex.

The text of the secret posted (which is not showing up on the feed at the moment), that they're nitpicking about?

The father of my children isn't my husband.
It isn't the man I had an affair with either.
It's the guy I always wanted to be with. But I was too scared to tell him so.
Now I get to be with him every day in the best way imaginable.

Sadly, it gets quite wanky quickly, with a comment containing nothing but photos of Hitler being posted just downthread.

on a local community

I don't know whether this person is trying to be funny and failing, or is genuinely asking a really stupid question
When I move to New Zealand, how important will it be to purchase a good pair of wellies?
This was posted in a "Wellington" community, which is a city in New Zealand, and wellies is short for Wellingtons, which are called Gumboots over here.

So there are a few potential stupids in this post.
Not realizing Wellington is a city in New Zealand and think the community is dedicated to gumboots/wellies/Wellingtons.
Or they are actually moving here and seriously are asking if they will require gumboots in New Zealand, which they might.....if they were living on a farm like in most other countries.
Or full of fail on a joke about Wellies/Wellington/gumboots

EDIT: so this person is actually moving to wellington, i should've read her profile before posting or something. but i still stand by that it is a silly question to ask. i would hate to be ignorant about a country i am moving too. new zealand isn't all dirt roads and mud huts believe it or not
Here  in bad_service, someone has a problem.

While read---first time poster..

So how about this for suckage...i opened my very first bank account about 2 1/2 months ago...and closed it 2 months ago due to the fact that i found out the women who helped me set up my account...took advantage of my youngness and tried to rip me off... yep thats right...

the bank i set an acount at is doing a 3 free deal right now...and my first over draft was supposed to be free....tunrs out she charged me twice and then 5 dollers a day even tho at this bank your not supposed to get charge 5 a day unless you owe the money for over a month...i owed for 2 and a half weeks and got a letter stateing that i owed 78 doller.....WHAT!?!? so after much argueing and my mother finnaly calling it turns out she was ripping me off... i still ened up paying the 78...after minusing my first over draft and adding in a closing fee.....yeah

Comments reply that this sounds like someone not reading the terms of service with the bank, and wondering what the hell she's talking about.  OP changes her story.  Lulz ensue.


EDIT:  A++++
or so exfactor would want you to believe.


yes its in ONTD but it is a response to a post rosie o'donell made in her blog about father's day and the war. yes i am involved but only because i could not believe this person's statement.

edit: ok fine, call it a grudge wank. really i just thought the comment was a bit of a blanket statement on any parent who has to leave for an extended period of time. call it what you will, i can take the heat. still <3 you guys.

Jun. 17th, 2007

I saw this post before on cat_macros and thought it had great lulz and wank potential, and I was right. I checked the front page and didn't see it so hopefully no one got it already.

I'll post this macro in another language, but how DARE you ask me to tell you what it says you buffoon!!!!1

Cue lots of stupid fonts, bad spelling, and Jew macros.


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