June 16th, 2007

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homophobia wank! Because that totally never happens on ElJay!

Over on ohnotheydidnt

jasesaurus wants as all to know that lesbians almost kissing is gross, and they shouldn't be allowed to do that in public but he's not a homophobe dammit! He just thinks it's inapropriate and disgusting. Oh and destroying the morals of young people. I mean, honestly! Accepting gay people is the same as accepting bestiality and incest! He has Class and tact and any woman who disagrees with him is just a big stupid Dyke!

Warning: NSFW images included in the comments of the post.

Edited: jasesaurus is a guy? Now my brain hurts. Thanks jerrivalentine

edit two: troll or not, the thread en masse is chock full of stupid.
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Welfare bitching at the Grocery Store!

For some states, the middle of the month is when welfare, food stamps, and WIC checks get sent out. Which means that over in grocery_hell, it is time to wank about welfare!!!

_dahling_ gets things started off, with

I know we've all seen these women who use foodstamps to pay for their food then pull out a wad of $100 bills to pay for their alcohol.And I'm sure as working people, it pisses us off. I do know that some people honestly need help and deserve it. I'm just saying, that in MOST cases, that's not so.

and it's annoying that they can't buy bread, milk, juice and formula (ever heard of breast milk, you dumb bitch? quit doing drugs and then you won't need half of my fricken pay check to feed your damn illegitamate kids) for their kids. i think if you've been on any kind of gov. assisstance for a year then you should be required to have birth control shots. thus, no need for wic.

this woman didn't get any of the right things on her wic check. she didn't even get ALL of them. bitch was holding my line up and pissing me off. didn't seperate her TWO wic orders so i had to go through and seperate which was hell to do since she didn't have all her shit. then has the nerve to say that to make her life easier.........get this......THEY SHOULD HAVE AN EFFING WIC AISLE............are you fucking kidding me??????????????

Members of that community follow up with these gems...

silversurealism: I love when someone buys things on a WIC check and then buys a carton of cigarettes and a couple packs of beer. One woman in particular had her child in clothing that was too small, not seasonally appropriate and had visible holes in it, yet bought those very unnecessary things instead of thinking about her child's welfare.

pessimistchick: I hate it when they just go crazy and buy 20 packs of soda, candy, and lobster just because they need to spend all of the food stamp money before it rolls over to next month.

loosechanj:on't they have little signs in with the price tags that say you can get the stuff with WIC? Oh, yeah...I see the problem there. Even if they can read, they don't think they should be forced to go to the trouble.

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According to people in booju_newju it's only "Playing God" when you are doing something that destroys life. But using fertility drugs is just fine.


Edit: Okay, I'll narrow it down some. greatestislove's response here:

givens also thinks that if you want children, you shouldn't wait until you are 35, you should just do it sooner and be a single mother.

Edit: Thanks to afluffypenguin here is some bonus stupid in that thread. owlsarentaholes thinks the parents got what they deserved.

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Over in bad_service, biumbiumbambalo makes a post about how she was accused of stealing at the grocery store. While I myself question the truthfulness of the story, the stupid featured comes in comment form!

conceptual_tea rightfully asks if the OP lodged a complaint with the manager, because the cashier deserves to lose her job

In swoops dunaerin, valiant defender of sucky cashiers, saying the cashier in question might just be having a shitty day and her grandmother might have died!.

Pretty much everything dunaerin comments with is mock worthy, imo.

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More stupid regarding the whole sextuplet thing.


Apparently diseases and infertility are population control.

Edit: I find myself not being able to clarify myself very well today, sorry. But it seems the OP is suggesting infertile people should never have children.

Oh and well if you guys want me to take a break from posting I will since some think I post too much.