June 15th, 2007

Wednesday Addams

My first stupid!

Over in cat_macros, you_a_bug decides to post a shitty rap video that plays automatically. Obviously, this has nothing to do with cat macros, and the community jumps on her. She tells people who sarcastically ask where the cat is that they're not looking closely, etc. Two pages of comments that I must admit were too painful for me because it would have meant listening to that song over and over.

I fail at HTML, so link: http://community.livejournal.com/cat_macros/2132690.html
Sayonara Snot

Dear Everyone:

1) Stop posting "stupids" from obvious, failtastic trolls. The subtitle of this journal is "Bringing you quality stupid since 2005!" The operative word here is "quality".

2) Stop deleting comments, even for typos and fucked html. I'm not gonna post about this again. I'm just gonna go on an apeshit comment-deleter banning spree and then you'll all be sorry. You can LISTEN TO MY ASS now, or cry like a little bitch later. THE CHOICE IS YOURS.

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Mutiny in the WWE community!

Last night someone started some lame thread about Kirt Angle and basically, 5 members of the community spammed it to the point where it got to about 28 pages. Now think about it, that's 5 people spamming for 4+ hours to get it to over 28 pages. I wouldn't have cared because macro spamming happens here, but our macros are from this century. Either way, I scrolled past it and moved on with my life.

So one of the mods deleted the thread because it was just generally a pointless thread and had nothing to do with the community. (Kirt Angle isn't even in the WWE anymore)

Now there's a flood of posts from these same 5 people (mostly locked) "Omg where da post? WHAR DA POST" Including one of the other mods asking why the post was deleted. "I had it under control, etc. etc."

NOW along comes one of the 5 people making this "Coma step down as mod or we'll you know, MAKE MORE ANGRY POSTS RAWR. THE WHOLE COMMUNITY AGREES WITH ME."(Though it obviously doesn't) and drama is exploding. Someone points out that they could just leave and make their own community, but that is met with a "wtf is the point of that?!?!"

One of the most unlikely places for drama, but I lmao'd my butt off. I debated with myself posting this all day, but seeing the step down post just pushed me into the "okay this is funny enough to share now."

Most of the other posts are locked but as of my posting it here this one is unlocked.

ETA: Sweet! I got banned for posting this here. :D! TBH I would roffle my waffle if the other mod came back and just banned all of them and deleted the crap.

(no subject)

Yeah, I can understand being mad because someone answers their phone when you are trying to get their order, but when the person you argued with leaves, you should leave it be.


Edit: I thought the story was about her working there. But I still think it was stupid, since she should have just left it be.