June 14th, 2007

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athanors_light makes post about the woman who died while waiting for care in a Los Angeles emergency room. For those not familiar with the story, check the full story out here. Basically, a woman came into the emergency room throwing up blood and was writhing around in pain on the floor, while doctors and nurses pretty much ignored her. Other patients started calling 911 begging them to take the woman to another hospital. Apparently, at the same time, police were trying to arrest her for a parole violation.

Many of the commenters agree, as I do, this is a very tragic, awful event. Some of them agree that while unfortunate, there wasn't much the 911 operators could do, seeing as the woman was already at a hospital, so blame should rest squarely on the hospital and not the dispatchers.

Then lutine steps in. While I concede s/he makes a fine point about the dispatchers and available ambulances, it's the following that just made my jaw drop:

And as for the claim that everyone at the hospital was ignoring her, I highly doubt that was true. It's not as if hospitals REALLY LIKE people dying on them. They wouldn't have ignored her without a valid reason, if they did it at all.

And although I'm sure I'm going to be flamed for this - You know what, no great loss. She was being arrested for a parole violation, which means she broke the law once and had already done it again. Give medical attention to the people who deserve it more, like injured children. Not two-time offending criminals.


Also, props to majormeg7, who points out there is security camera footage of the hospital doing just that- ignoring the woman- save for the janitor who was cleaning around her. Here's the link she provided as backup: Article from LA Times. The article also mentions on the woman's hospital discharge slip it said to return if the pain worsened.

PS, because it's LJ and a day that ends in "Y", someone in the thread makes a comparison to Paris Hilton.

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midnight_d and wizba thinks that if you have a dog that needs a 7000 dollar surgery, you should sell EVERYTHING you own.


Instead of being nice and supportive when the girl is clearly upset about the fact that she may have to put her dog to sleep, it's okay to go into another snark community and call her horrible.