June 13th, 2007

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Over in customers_suck, theoracle003 posts about her oh so awful day because don't parents understand that losing a child in a big amusement park is not an emergency that requires immediate attention>

Yeah customers are suck, but WTF? That kid could have been abducted and be long gone before this stupid girl waits 30-45 minutes to "make sure it was really an emergency."

It turns out that theoracle033 is most pissed about the mother's unreasonable request to page her child as soon as she noticed him missing.

The nerve of that mother! How dare she freak out that her child was missing. Well, it's clear she has no manners and just doesn't understand how things work. Thankfully she had the high and mighty theoracle033 to guide her!

History Stupid

writerspleasure makes a post in conservatism.

His post discusses the trials of the Khmer Rouge mass deaths in Cambodia that are about to begin. This is good. But the OP goes on to wonder,

"now, what about the murdered tens of millions in russia and china? think they'll ever see justice? why is it that left-wing collectivism gets a magic pass? this is something i'll never understand."

I hate to tear down his cute little rant, but the Khmer Rouge WERE left-wing collectivists.

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Over in customers_suck rainbow_xcore make a rant/flounce post about not being able to rant about working at McDonald's but EVERYONE ELSE GETS TO COMPLAIN!!!! I requested clarification, but have yet to receive any.

They're already getting some snarky comments, and I can just FEEL the possibility of some super-fun wanking in the near future.

I have a feeling that there was a previous wank-filled post that I will update you with upon receipt.

ETA: I missed the boat and posted a couple of minutes after neaira. That's what I get for waiting a bit longer for more snarky comments!

In lieu if making fun of the person in 2 threads, I encourage macros. Preferably ones directly related to a) McDonald's or b) stupid women (because the OP makes a statement about women customers being stupid)

EDIT 2.0: Apparently the other post is in c_s_snark so ignore my first edit, unless you want to share macros.

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marshmallowgoo posts a video in cat_lovers People object because her baby is naked in the video.


She now posts a flounce post because people are SO MEAN.


Edit: Flounce post has been bahleeted.

Edit2: Thanks to jediknightmuse for screencaps.


I am a bitch now!

Children in theaters totally = pedo slash.

Small stupid in ask_me_anything:

dharawal links to an article about how it is disrespectful and a bit morally wrong to bring small chilren to see horror movies (Hostel 2 was the example given and the children were 1 and 4 in the example), and asks who agrees or disagrees. I agree and make a statement that, unless the child has the attention span to sit there for the hr and a half, parents shouldn't bring 4 year olds to the movies, period (a personal opinion, seeing as how them crying will disturb everyone in the theater). sneakthief for some reason, somehow corrilates my icon (which I'm using here) with my opinion on children in the theater, saying:

"So 4 year olds shouldn't be allowed to go to the movies but people should be allowed to write slash erotica starring young characters engaged in sex acts with their defense against the dark arts professors? That makes a lot of sense.".

Because we all know that screaming, crying babies in a dark theater filled with other people trying to enjoy the movie is exactly the same as a story that some person on the internet writes.

A couple people try and point out how A =/= B, but he just doesn't get it.

(For the record, I don't agree with and have never written slash but that doesn't mean that I feel that others should be censored in their creativity, hence the icon).

As I said, small, and kind of dumb in and of itself, but I find unrelated comparisons straight out of left field for the sole purpose of starting an argument amusing.

The end.