June 12th, 2007


Asking Others To Wash Hands = Control Freak?

So last night, skyechan   makes her first ever post to co_workers_suck. While probably a minor suck, she does have a point:

Welcome to the world of working at a Burger King and something called hygiene.

We don't like for our customers to get sick due to any germs found on our hands or arms.

Therefore, when I see you blow your nose, go off to pass out orders, and I interrupt by telling you to wash your hands, do not look at me in anger like I just asked you to kick a puppy.

Unfortunately, serial wanker aegion   finds this somewhat offensive, deciding that skyechan   is a control freak.

Highlights include:

Ok. But why do you care about Burger King's rules?

How much are they paying you, like 7 dollars an hour? They're exploiting you. If I were you I wouldn't care about Burger King.


And also, think about this, say she does wash her hands:

Several people have touched that water faucet handle right after they took a shit that day to turn it on. And that's the same faucet handle people would touch right after they wash their hands to turn it off. So it would instantly recontaminate.

It's still small, but there's a possibility for a minefield of stupid as the day wears on.

ETA:  I love being proved right:
But just because you have to be a wage slave to survive doesn't mean you should be all like "I love my company that pays me shit and exploits my misfortune! I'm going to make sure they make a lot of money off me!"

Just like back in the day when they had black people as slaves. The idea is you suck up to your boss to their face but once their back is turned then you slack off.

Disclaimer: Yes, I am in there; there is also a possibility of bias in the report as I'm friends with skyechan in real life.
hopey 99%

small conflation of abu ghraib, 9-11, and guyana.

Graphics Warning: the OP linked here features photos from Abu Ghraib. They are NSFW and may be disturbing. The thread itself also features an NSFW pic.

ladylynx, new denizen of anti_feminism and arbiter of womanhood, treats us to a small but elegant stupid:

    If I was Lynddie, I would've chopped their fuckin heads off. If I was a man, I'd so it too, but especially as a woman. I'm greatly pissed that any woman around there can get beaten to death for accidentally showing as much as an ankle.

    meleth: [Sanity.]
    ladylynx: Let Cthulhu sort them out.
    armchairshrink: [Logic?]
    ladylynx: Better them than me.
    concernedfather: [But hate breeds more hate...]


      It's always an assumption that wanting to kill someone means that there is hatred involved. If I prune a tree, I do not hate the tree, I just want to stop the tree from taking over or going through my neighbor's window. [...] I don't care if Allah is supposed to be an all loving god like Jehovah or whatever, as far as I'm concerned, Allah is the god of death. Better them than me. Wiping out the Twin Towers, trying to wipe out JFK airport. My father had to clean up after that 9/11 mess and gets lovely letters from health programs that are worried about future illnesses. Fuck 'em!

If she's a troll, I applaud. If not, I'll BE AFRAID, BE VERY AFRAID.

Edit: She wants you guys "Red Diaper Doper Baby Communist"s! Don't you feel spesh?

My son is so compassionate...

...that he yells at people suffering on television.

eilithyia wants us to know that her 9-year-old son is a breastfeeding advocate. He has no problem with her walking around topless most of the time to breastfeed her toddler but "He's (sic)probably flip out if I pulled a bottle out though."

Then comes this little gem:
When we saw women on screen [after Katrina] crying over not having enfamil, my son proclaimed, "maybe you should have breastfed!"

But, she assures us, "he's very compassionate."

As a bonus, bicrim thinks anyone who wouldn't nurse around their own older child has some serious problems. Obviously, every discreet, modest or shy woman is seriously messed up, lol.

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