June 11th, 2007

Flyin' Dinos!

I shouldn't drive, 'cause I'm a girl!

Over in mock_the_stupid, we are treated to a tale of truly epic RL stupid courtesy of stufro. Part of the story involves the hit-and-run hijinks of a BMW-driving moron, who just so happens to be female. This vital detail flew completely under the radar of 99% of the community members, but thankfully we have aphasia_scars around to point out these things, as well as give us our daily dose of misogyny!

According to him/her, the OP's story demonstrates "why men wouldn't let women drive for so long and it should be much more difficult to obtain a license to drive." Right, because somehow we've taken the wayback machine to 1950s white-bread America, and having a uterus makes driving so very hard for us wimmins!

It's small now, but it should prove interesting. From some of the comments, apparently aphasia_scars has a habit of making an ass of him/herself on the community, but it seems to be a case of true stupid and not deliberate trolling.

(My first stupid report ever, huzzah!)
don't panic

Well, you deserve mocking 'cause you're religious.

Over in fuckyoulist, rakshepsaar posts about how at Taco Bell she was given a beef burrito instead of the chicken burrito she ordered. As one practicing Hindu, naturally rakshepsaar is very upset about this, and calls Taco Bell to complain while in tears because she has inadvertently broken her dietary restrictions - only to be laughed at by the Taco Bell employee who picks up the phone. Most commentators are sympathetic, and advise her to contact corporate to get his ass busted.

Enter mightymaus, who says: "People make mistakes. You're only annoyed because you're religious & you somehow think that gives you the right, moreso than others, to get annoyed about something as simple as a wrong order." The OP rather patiently points out that she was actually giving an FU not to the person who got her order wrong, but to the person who laughed at her while she cried on the phone. But mightymaus goes on to wank, and wank, and wank, including:

"You were "religiously insulted" as you wouldn't have got THAT upset
if they'd just fucked up your order instead of feeding you a food substance
that your religion forbids, & they wouldn't have mocked you if you hadn't
rung up & cried down the phone at them, correct?"

So apparently it's rakshepsaar's fault for being mocked, since she CHOSE to call the restaurant back to inform them of their mistake! mightymaus is also one of those people who posts in that oh-so-special wee font with the pretend-prose linebreaks, so they're easy to locate in the thread. Very small, but the stupidity and reading incomprehension made me recoil a bit.
Mac spasm

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This wasn't posted yet? Wow!

Over in customers_suck, vegetableluvr22 (an obvious troll) has a field day, telling people their jobs suck but it'll get better (here), declaring they had sex with another user in this post, and finally lashing out at everyone who had the audacity to complain and bragging about the number of repliesover here.

It's an obvious troll, but so much fun! The posts are chock full of macros, stupid, complaints. It's a field day. Post your favorite bits!
Fall Away

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So, over in cf_hardcore, the_pr0letariat makes a new post to refute mistyped statements that he was pro-life in another, locked post. This is obviously made of fail, and causes some to post macros, including the flashy, "you deserve a seizure" macro. This upsets people, because it could actually trigger a seizure, and there are a few epileptics in the community. But, of course raeshena has to argue, even if it makes her look ignorant.

Epileptics should be completely psychic, and avoid everything possible that just MAY cause them to have a seizure! If someone has a seizure from that macro, it's their own fault for looking!

Breathing your way through childbirth...

So Nancy O'Dell from Access Hollywood had a baby girl.  In a press release, they gave the usual dribble regarding about how happy they are, blah blah blah.  However, O'Dell also adds a little reflection on her experience.

"Also," O'Dell adds, "I love epidurals."

Now, if you've been in stupid_free for a while, you know what a GREAT source of health advice ohnotheydidnt can be.  From dieting to breastfeeding, ONTD is a one stop shop for all your health needs. 

Dr El "homebirth in a bathtub of spring water with rosepetals" jay, handstil, comes to inform us that this is disgusting!  She is digusted with our society... the evil society that promotes epidurals: women get them because they are told by society that giving birth is too "painful" to possibly bear, resulting in a disgusting amount of c-section births by women who fail to progress due to the epidural, or infants heart rates declining. Thus, we pad the fat wallets of Dr's for no damn reason other than fear of discomfort. Birth is natural and normal, it's not a medical event.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that people should be getting 40 epidurals, nor do I think the increase in c-section births is a good thing, but something tells me that when you're trying to push an 7lb-9lb human out of your crotch, you're not thinking about what society is telling you about the pain of childbirth.  It fucking hurts. No one should be made to feel inadequate because they can't handle the pain.

EDIT: She then goes on to explain that her advice is just her trying to save the babiez:

"I just don't want babies to die and Dr's to get rich because some nitwit like nancy fuckin odell thinks that an epidural is SWELL. It's just super ignorant."
She also adds that anyone who got an epidural is a "wuss"

EDIT #2: She's come for a little visit. Maybe we'll get lucky with some metawank.

EDIT #3: Apparently psychopants is a "wuss" and a "pussy" considering she had an epidural herself. Hello hypocrisy.