June 10th, 2007


Commenting on all of the Paris Hilton commenting:

So, if you turn on the radio or television in South Africa (and the rest of the world it seems) you will most probably be accosted by an image or soundbite of Paris Hilton.    A few of my Live journal friends have posted entries about Ms Hilton  - mostly wondering what the big deal is and why this woman (who has really done nothing to justify her fame) is in the news at all when the world has more pressing issues to attend to.

And that there is the question:  Why do we care about the movements of Ms Hilton?  

Most people don't seem to think very highly of the lass and use words like "dumb" and "barbie doll" to describe her.   She is the topic of much debate: her motives, actions and decisions talked about and judged.   I can't help but grin at the irony of the many pages dedicated to "spending less time focusing on Paris Hilton".

My thoughts?  Wake up people!

You think Paris Hilton is stupid?  50% of people in the world are.
Why does the fact that she was born rich come up?  Because money is important : it is the reason you drag your arse out of bed every morning and go to work - probably in a job you are not that fond of.  It's the reason that you don't drive the car you have always wanted, don't wear the clothes that your heart desires, and can't travel, learn scuba diving or horse riding.
Why is she in the media?  Because she gives you something to talk about.
Why do you care?  Because she is the dream realised.  Because the rest of the celebrities out there are "lucky", in that they were born beautiful, can act, dance and sing - and the chances are that you are can't do all of those things.  She is you.  Only rich.

Paris Hilton won the lottery without buying a lottery ticket. 

You love to hate her.   And so do I.

So lets get over it and move on shall we?


Wrong community.   Sorry people.   I have been sufficiently told off.  I deserve the ridicule.  I accept the laughter and abuse.  I am not defensive.  I am the idiot of the day.  I hereby vow that I will never, ever post anything like this in stupid free again.  Apologies.

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Bender knitting

Wanted (Portland): a 30" TV, a PS2, a laptop with wireless Internet, and LJ lulz.

bestoffreecycle is a fun, if misanthopic, community that mocks posts to Freecycle that don't quite fit the mold of what Freecycle is all about. shaden joins the community, and then is horrified to see that its members are
making fun of Freecycle requests
. She flounces. How DARE you make fun of outlandish requests on Freecycle? On a SNARK community, no less!

No comments yet, but keep an eye out.
St. Eldritch
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My poor subculture

Proving you can macro anything these days, goth_macros is created. Everything is fun and games until saint_ama steps up to the macro plate.

Racist goth wank aka you mean black people can't be goth? (deleted)

Retaliation macros ensue(deleted), as well as massive tagging on the post proclaiming it as fail. saint_ama keeps up the lulz by fighting with everyone and trying to be edgy and sarcastic.

Ah, goths. Why can't we all just wear eyeliner and get along?

Edit: Flounce! Internet goths are serious business, apparently (deleted)

Edit 2: Aren't we not supposed to go and provoke and troll the stupid? Plus, grudge wank/macros = not funny (deleted)

Edit 3: Community goes boom and mod deletes nearly everything
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Over in thequestionclub, riotfairy posts a question. She asks, "I'm going grocery shopping in the morning and I need a diet-friendly grocery list. Help?"

Cue coflower's entrance. She goes on a bit of a tirade about DIEting. You see, she comes from a family of non-fatties, and she learned everything she knows about diet from her weight-obsessed anorexic step-mother!

brokensemaphore sums it all up nicely by saying "HAH! I knew yesterday it was only a matter of time before you went batshit again!"