June 9th, 2007

Weeping angel

It's like 1986 two years ago!

My first stupid. Please be kind.

oberon1972posts in doctorwho to complain about people calling various Doctors by the number of their incarnation. He says that No offence, but the Doctors have names and nonsense to this weird number calling thing.

The best Doctor ever was Tom Baker, no two ways about it. I will ceed that Tennant is bloody good. I feel Ecclestone was better. Baker was the BEST.

Unfortunately he spells Eccleston wrong and doesn't mention which Baker is the best. EDIT: He does, but there are two Bakers...

There is some discussion about which is better, numbers or names and what exactly the Doctor's name is. (It's the Doctor.)

Then I mention that Two rocked. This leads to oberon1972 congratulating me on my age because apparently you can only appreciate Troughton and Hartnell and anyone else really, if you watched them while they were broadcast. Which I suppose could be true with Troughton and Hartnell because lots of their episodes are missing, but we never get that far because he comments to someone else that new school kids just "don't reallt "get" the whole Dcotor Who thing,,".

There is an explosion of wank. New school vs old school with bonus wank involving the OP refusing to talk to anyone born after 1984. Eventually he admits he was drunk.

But that's not all. He then follows up with a flounce post. Macros are posted. The poster seems to be unfamiliar with the Edit Post fuction and goes on to post two moar flounce posts!

And as a bonus, I am asked just how much Doctor Who I've watched before go around I calling him a twat. I amswer with photos.

EDIT: Bugger, beaten to it. Oh well.

ANOTHER EDIT: We have a fourth flounce post now! I'd stick around and see how many he gets to, but it's half past midnight and I'm going to bed. :)

EDIT AGAIN: All baleeted!
Power Rangers

Free Paris mock_the_stupid stupid

I've been waiting all evening for someone to post this, but it seems I'm the only one home alone on a saturday night reading lj (haha, lame).
Anyways, over in mock_the_stupid, mrflagg posts a picture http://community.livejournal.com/mock_the_stupid/2807090.html about some apparently fans of Paris along with a bit of an aside. The comments are awesome reading. XD Enjoy...I really suck at these write-ups.