June 7th, 2007

alexis bledel

small stupid

In greysanatomy, reddress11 accuses the writer of the tv show of plagiarism!

Plagiarism is never okay Shonda! Apparently she thinks Shonda stole a speech made by Julia Roberts in the movie My Best Friends Wedding and used it for her tv show.

dublin___sky swoops in and posts both of the speeches in a comment and shows how they're completely different.

It's a pretty small stupid but it made me laugh. I'm patiently waiting (and hoping) for it to blow up because I always see cat fights in the community.
paws off

It's ok to pass counterfeit bills if you're a business...

My first stupid so I hope I'm doing this right and I checked before posting, this isn't here yet, although no doubt someone will post as I type this in which case I'll just sit here and enjoy the macros when you guys point it out.

Over at customers_suck the OP complains that someone passed her a counterfeit bill and that it made her look bad (while there is some debate amongst the 'experts' over there about whether she should have known that's not the stupid).

abreadcrumnfish then comments that when they got fake bills they just put them in the deposit bag because the bank doesn't count your deposit if it's in a bag.

Several people point out that this is illegal and she justifies it with well the banks will give them out too

Let's hope all those people paranoid about the government reading our every word are wrong because I'm sure the secret service would find that discussion fascinating.
megan lick

Pee Wee's Playhouse is so fucking weird in retrospect

So some kid won a spelling bee. He gets interviewed on television, and the painfully awkward result is posted to ohnotheydidnt, which is suffering from chronic Paris toxicity (again, but it's really bad this time u guyz) and needs a distraction.

Cue, at current count, 8 pages of Asperger's and homeschooling wank, mixed in with insensitivity of varying degrees of malevolence. There is also a guest appearance by an old friend of ours.

I expect you all to hoist your meta-wank colors high.

Sims 2 Stupid!

Small, but mind-moggling.

sixamsims posts about the new Sims 2 stuff pack and posts screenshots of the new content

Some people think the new clothes are ugly

sixamsims, for no apparent reason takes this very very, personally along with her friend enchanted_black, who I'm sure has been featured here before.
Complete with accusations of her sims being gay!

EDIT: Oh my! looks like someone's offended!

It's in my personal journal so have at it!
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