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June 6th, 2007

She's Feeding Her Kid....ON PURPOSE

Maggie Gyllenhaal, that no-good attention whore, dares to feed her baby. And gets photographed ON PURPOSE.

Revolting, I know.

ONTD and Breastfeeding wank. You're welcome.


Edit: Oops, apparently Maggie G. is a repeat offender, and her boob-baring, look at meeee! ways are well known in these parts. Apologies.

Goddamn, look at this hideous thing: http://community.livejournal.com/ohnotheydidnt/12876454.html?thread=1485380006#t1485380006
rolloffle posts in girl_gamers spoilers from Harry Potter book 7 here. (Warning: possible spoilers, but I'm almost positive it's a troll.)

Unlocked at time of posting.

Edit: The stupid? That he posts it in a community for video games, and it's very obviously a poorly written fanfiction.

A Twist on Baby Name Wank

I am going to make a post on the Internet and I will tell you, the public, how you should and should not respond. It will be very difficult to follow as I will be adding arbitrary asterisks and notes. I will not hear any critiques, advice or criticism so don't even try.

I will do all of this while making your eyes bleed.


Edit: Crazy locked up her post, but really you didn't want to see it. Promise.

Men = Women Without Periods

anti_feminism gains a new member, ladylynx, and she comes out swinging the stupid bat like a pro in this thread:
Especially considering the evolution of anti-female birth control that stops periods.
Wait, I know, that's kind of confusing statement, maybe it's not stupid. She clarifies, and we see that yes, indeed, this is the stupid:
It's one thing to [use birth control to] prevent having kids. It's quite another thing to [use birth control to] stop your period forever because you don't like it. Some people might see it as freedom, but I think once you take away the few biological features that make women women, we might as well be men.
Hear that ladies? If you use the advances of modern medicine to prevent your period, you might as well be a man.

Poor? You failed at life!

Over in liberal member fizzyland   posts an article about conservative Christians considering abortion a more important issue than poverty. The usual abortion debate ensues, but the stupid is independent of the pro-choice versus pro-life wank. A concept that is new to me but not to posters such as Greap and Ccnuggie (links are to their replies), is that if you are poor, it is just because you made bad choices. Therefore, you deserve no assistance. Yeah....stupid poor people....

my first stupid. be gentle...or post really good cat macros. your choice!




born again ... and again ...

washingtondc frequent poster comes back from baahleeting her lj to confess her former fear that San Fransisco was full of public buttsecks and gloryholes (as she infamously intimated here before her last baaahleet and user name change).

Bonus stupid: Where can I give food to the homeless in DC and not get assaulted? and beware of taking my default icon because dc is meen
Girl asks stupid question. Girl gets answers she doesn't like and is rude. Claims to have a 3.0 and can't even use the correct version of you're.


Edit: Now she claims that he HASN'T cheated, and it was all a joke, haha.


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