June 5th, 2007

Tough Shit

Minor Stupid regarding LJ Issues

So, over in bad_service, dieinahole posts excerpts from LJ's recent updates on the problems people have been having with posting long posts/comments etc.

He/she ends with a little paranoid tirade about how this is not only bad service, but is also because LJ is covering up the truth and still censoring.

I suppose that there's potential for it to explode, but it was just stupid enough to make me roll my eyes and shake my head a little.

EDIT: And less than 45 minutes after this posting, the entry has, as predicted by many, been bahleeted. : (

Well, at least I got my macro in before that happened.

EDIT 2: The entry can be seen on her personal journal if you want the text of it. But remember kids, keep the wank confined to stupid_free.

A hive of wank and idiocy

I bring you yet more bad_service stupid.

Last night ludysson posted about her experience with a server who dared to be less than sincere when she thought she was getting an 8% tip. She also mentioned a real example of bad service wherein a server altered the tip amount on the CC receipt.

The post ends with this little diatribe, guaranteed to bring the wank:

Why is it people think they are entitled to extra money because they choose to work for a below minimum wage? Why does getting pie and coffee in a diner require a tip while pie and coffee at McDonald's doesn't? Where is the line that divides competent work and exceptional service and why do both deserve the same gratuity? I know restaurant workers and others depend on tips because their earnings are irratic but doesn't the same thing apply to those who work on commission? Why is a tip "required" for one but not even considered for the other?

I was really going to leave it alone, since it's standard tipping wank, but then missangyl said Sorry, but some waitstaff need to learn their bloody role.

And our favourite friend dwa20 interjects with Excuse me? It's known as the SERVICE industry. You are paying someone to SERVE you. That makes them a SERVANT. If they are not their job, do they deserve to be paid? I have never been paid to ignore the needs of one of my clients.

Hilarity all around. Oh, and I double checked and this one is definitely not locked at time of posting.
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Waves* I come bearing my first stupid

Soo... yesterday we had conceptualpete's screed on reparations from liberal today we have a follow up ramble by malasada on the futility of race discussion on LJ.

There's already what white privilege!!? angst by ikilled007

If this doesnt explode into more race wank, Macro at will!

Added for my own amusement: Damn, ya'll broke my gmail with the fast and furious commenting ;)
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My first stupid! From customers_suck! Yes, I am a delicate, unique snowflake!

Anyway, there is a post about children in wine stores being annoying, "we are not babysitters", blah blah.


(so sorry to c/p the link, I am so awful with html)

And then wankage.


I get into it a little, and bynki sees fit to ask me:

"As long as you don't let them play with the dildos, what's the problem in taking them to a porn store?

As long as you don't let them get lap dances, what's the problem in taking them to a strip club?

Why must children have an assumed right to be every damned where?"


*hopes that this is the proper setup for a post, and that the stupid brings laughs*

EDIT: Fixed html. Sigh.