June 4th, 2007

mmmm cat_macros grudgewank.

wyldemusick posts a cat macro. Some people like it. Some people don't. misfit4leaf really, really doesn't like it, and is upset with what she feels is the general downturn of macro quality in the comm. Not satisfied with merely stating her objections, she feels the need to create a macro post to express this dissatisfaction. Apparently, she's actually complaining about spelling in a macro community (which, to point out the painfully obvious, derives much of its humor from deliberate misspelling) and declares that bad spelling is no longer funny. Even better, her post initially includes HTML and grammar errors.


There is no way this doesn't turn into Wankapalooza.

In case it's deleted, here's the original post (all two sentences of it.)

A person without health insurance (illegal alien) is in need of a serious surgery.

Any advices would be greatly appreciated.

Shit begins with the very first comment.

Edit #1: The post isn't going to be the issue. It's going to be the comments. Just to make it clear, in case it wasn't.

Edit #2: Well, apparently not. This might be the one time a post like this *doesn't* cause a massive explosion over there. Oh well. They can't all be winners. Sorry, guys. My bad.

GAY WANK! (what a nice title)

So I really am quite suprised that fuckyoulist  doesn't appear here more often.

Today my day was brightened by gay wank from moonlight_ocean which then got godwin'd. As if that wasn't enough, the cry of "WHY CAN'T I USE THE WORD NIGGER?" was heard.

After cupidstunts repeated their pro-pc argument many times, rakshepsaar got ever so slightly pissy and it ended up being a "Shut up!" "No, YOU shut up!" sort of argument. While I agree with cupidstunts in not liking "that's so gay" being used as a negative description of something, the stupid really is on both sides of the argument here.

Further down, the (understandably) pissed off happiestsadist owns moonlight_ocean who then tries a nice bit of victim blaming.

(edited for HTML. Also, unlocked at time of posting)

Edit: The post was changed from the original. Apparently it used to go something like this:

"Dear Steve, the gay kid that I tried to be nice to all year:

If you ever give me shit for saying "That's gay" again, I will knock you out."

EDIT: AND NOW WE HAVE THE WHOLE POST! Courtesy of surgat you can find it here



Long time listener, first time caller.

Okay. So, I'm not gonna lie... The idea of posting in this community terrifies me a little. Please be gentle. >.<

Condoms: Equivalent to stabbing?

One of my personally favorite people, fullmetaljackie returns once again in christianitysex to share her opinion on sex education in elementary schools.

"and if kids are stabbing each other with rusty knives we should give them stainless steel ones"

Um.. What?

"Instead of deporting our hard working dishwashers, cooks, busboys, etc..."

In newyorkers, hurtbyl0ve brings us a modest proposal for dealing with criminals and illegal immigrants in NYC. Despite his terrible grammar, I was able to make out that his plan is to deport US prisoners to countries where illegal immigrants come from. Basically, we trade guys like Steve-the-All-American-Axe-Murderer for "hardworking Mexicans", and everyone is happy.

Because Mexico will gladly take our prisoners in! No Poli Sci degree could ever help me even begin to delve into the rest of the stupid in this plan.
confused woodpecker

Here come Opie and Anthony, riding Trigger

In fatshionista, someone posts to warn others about a deceptive eBay seller. elusis sees polyemtgirl's icon of Opie and Anthony (at first, I thought it was a fandom-wank icon with some recently-censored slash pairing... oops) and finds it deeply offensive. According to coco73, using this icon is the same thing as the glorification of rape. Wank about "censorship and free speech" ensues, along with a brief but feisty discussion of whether the community is "founded on social justice principles" or merely a place to talk about how to dress semi-attractively even when you're not BFF with Ana. kaligrrrl, after bringing the lulz with the "censorship" comment, rebounds and becomes disappointingly sane, in fact the voice of reason, for the rest of the thread. Unlocked at time of posting.

ETA: I had no idea who the two harmless-looking white guys with duct-taped mouths were either. Opie and Anthony are US-based XM satellite radio talk-show hosts; on May 15, they were suspended for 30 days by XM for joking about raping Condoleezza Rice.