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June 3rd, 2007

over at the new goldmine which is innocence_jihad, nebris has some to say to those who would ever report anyone to LJ Abuse:

You thereby prove you are a narc and a Kapo

For those unaware, the Kapo were prisoners who were captains of their concentration camp blocks and in charge of maintaining the peace during the Holocaust as well as turning in those who would try to be subversive.

Good thing I re-read Maus lately, huh!

According to the post, the batshit comparisons don't just stop there!

[I]f you look at The Stanford Prison Experiment or the work of Dr. Stanley Milgram, you will see that it is 'decent people' who perform most of the evil acts in the world. That is certainly why the LJ Abuse Team could execute that 'slash and burn' operation with such swiftness.

see? LJ Abuse was just following orders! They can ban you at ANY TIME and NEVER regret it! But they should acknowledge the blood on their hands!

So keep in mind, the new LJ setup, according to innocence_jihad, is:

LJ = Auschwitz
Users = Jews and other undesirables
Those who Report to LJ Abuse = Kapos who turn on their own kind in a desperate attempt to not be banned/killed themselves
LJ Abuse = in denial of their horrid genocide-like war crimes because they were just following orders
Stupid_Free = AMERICA, LAND OF MILK AND HONEY (edit: and cat macros)

Seriously, kids. I get the whole "damn the man LJ Abuse is so mean for hating on my harry potter slash fic", but really? Nazi Germany? Really? Bannings are the same as genocide? Realllllllly?

edit: meta-wank time! gama_kawauso felt the need to jump in on the conversation, which prompted iconox to ask, "What's up with you being into bestiality?" gama_kawauso retorts that he has no interests listed, so that's a false claim, but seems to have forgot that the first community he's in is called _BESTIALITY_. But worry not, he's just a scholar.

A DAY LATE UPDATE: turns out the post has now been deleted, but for those engaging in lulz a day short, here is the full post under cutCollapse )

hey look we hit 300 bonus: the same post that was previously deleted, only in whydoesljcensor, which sounds like another goldmine, but less dedicated to fandom so who knows.

Another bad_service that wasn't.

axlackxofxcolor decides to post about an experience she had at Blockbuster where she got there after closing due to bad info on the web page and then demanded that the employee inside open the inner door to talk to her about it.

Several people point out that it's dangerous and against company policy to open the doors after closing, but the OP insists that they should have known she was no threat because she was a girl.

Meanwhile, wouldyoueva goes off on some strange side rant about how she got fired for complaining to a customer. And then proceeds to inform us that:
When Blockbuster fails (as it will, at some point, because indifference to the details is what kills businesses like this) it will blame Net Flix, or the ease of downloading movies, or the economy but it starts by thinking the customer serves the business rather than the other way around.

The Blockbuster employees posting here: consider this a warning that you work on a sinking ship. You're better than that.

It's minor, but I found it pretty amusing.

Edit: I'm an idiot and it's locked. Sorry guys. (Cue 1000 posts telling me it's locked).
Today kids, we learn that price fixing is totally awesome and is a benefit to humanity. If only all corporations were nice enough to fix prices, selling things for lessmaking themselves much more money and costing the customers more--no more obsession over using competition to lower raise prices!

It's amazing how these people have never even heard of it and they immediately, without doing any research at all, feel that they can freely comment on how awesome it is. It's a federal felony--meaning that you can go to federal prison for doing it. It's considered on the level of seriousness as other forms of trusts (big big monopolies like standard oil) manipulating markets.

But yeah-lololol it's an awesome thing.

Prediction: no matter what I say or what information I give, all the peons in this community will automatically praise price fixing, despite never knowing about it until now.

So here's a summary.

EDIT: tomecatti, who never passed first grade math, now thinks that price fixing "in this case" will save customers money. By their own admittance, the vendors are fixing prices to increase their profits. He is stating: more money given to vendors = less money spent by customers.

I thought about it, because sometimes I can decode stupidese, and I realized that he was doing this: "well because their prices are still fixed lower than what they are at a completely different location, the customers at THIS location, shopping at THIS location save money." Of course, he's too dumb to realize how that doesn't add up and that if they combined both locations, then the price fixers would be forced to increase their price to at least retail.


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