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June 2nd, 2007

recently white

the buildup: over in feminist, kmd asks:
Name 10 characteristics of your racial/cultural identity. This can be foods typically enjoyed by people of your culture or race, music, clothing, speech, anything.

to prove the point that:
Most White folks are totally stopped by this question. We can't name 10 characteristics because our racial/cultural identity is totally invisible to us until we start to force ourselves to see it. And see it again, and again. We don't have a "culture." We are "normal."

the setup: leayrdel replies with:
Well as a White person who is Jewish I have no problem naming 10 characteristics of my cultural identity

the stupid: kmd clarifies:
Jews are the most recent ethnic group to become White.
CONGRATS! YOU'VE ALL MADE IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL! jewish people, you are now white-bread! sure, this is a giant broad sweep and probably doesn't even remotely consider Hasidic Judaism at all, but JEWS ARE NOW JUST WHITE NOT JEWISH SO SAYS SOMEONE NOT JEWISH TO SOMEONE WHO IS JEWISH.

kmd to reiterates:
I realize this dynamic is very different for Jews, in large part because your Whiteness is relatively recent. But still there is significance in the shift post-WWII that has occurred to bring Jews into White cultural identity and privilege.

and yes! yes indeed! right after WWII, jews graduated to whiteness. i guess once you run the final level of racism, which i suppose is continental genocide, you beat the racism game and become accepted as "one of us"

stupid spawned: ragnarok20 and skepticultist really want to let ya'll know that referring to anyone as "colored people" isn't a big deal.

even more meta: ragnarok20 wants us to know it's okay for him to use racial slurs because "[he] watch[es] The Boondocks"

is there stupid_free bingo yet?: in a spinoff of the normal usage, skepticultist wants to speak on ragnarok20's behalf and claim this was just a social experiment of the "shave and haircut" variety, where "[h]e's playing the forum like a violin".

Another Verse, Same As The First

1stbaptist is back! And now he's letting the folks at innocence_jihad that they have made A Godly Enemy.

I am not running away from this
Two days have passed, and you already have your Harry Potter rape communities and fairy porn exchanges back. Yet, this tantrum continues...there's something more to it. While in prayer, God told me there is more work to be done here. There is a deficit of people like me willing to stand up for what is right, and a wave of people like you who are actively seeking to redefine our culture's standards of decency.

This is why this community continues...you've won your little war, but that isn't good enough for you. Your true motivations are shining through..you won't stop until any form of thought and action is permissible. You want pedos to come here to freely live out their sick fantasies on Sixapart's dime, and you know that any sort of backlash against pedos would eventually lead to conviction of your own sin.

I'm not running away this time. You have just made a Godly enemy.

Bonus nebris mention!

I'm being a little stupid in there myself. I own it.

ETA: He's issued an Ultimatum!

"An Ultimatum If you want me to take your group seriously, please ban these two users: nebris and halflight007. Nebris is using this drama to further his anti-Christian, manhating ideology, and Halflight007 runs a pedophile group. As long as your cause is in bed with these two people, I cannot consider what you have to say.



My first post.

According to friendhamster over in an entry in bad_service, missysedai was just being overly "PC" for wanting to talk to a manager at Lowe's about one of the employees deciding to tell her and Mark, who she was with, a joke about "diaper-heads."

[to be cont'd, trying to work around LJ bugs]
[Edit: Eff that, I'll try to add more later, but you can find the rest of the fun stupid from here!]

[Edit: OMG u geiys, it wasnt me, my journal was haxed!]

LOLZies in my personal journal -

Pre-Snark Note: I am special. Yes, that's correct. I can link to stupid in my personal journal because as the Mod of this community, I won't be complaining to myself if people show up in my journal as a result of anything posted here. If I did complain to myself, I'd laugh at myself, then meta myself here for being so stupid. I'd then show up to defend myself, at which point I'd post macros to myself, and the internets would explode.

Now that we've got that out of the way:

mumbalo_jack was recently featured here in stupid_free, and must have tried to comment in his defense, only to discover he was banned. So, he leaves a comment in my journal asking why he was banned. I tell him why, he asks when, and I tell him about a year ago, to which he responds:

Look at what everyone else says... And I'm too harsh?



Am I harsh for banning assholes for breaking the like, two rules we have here, or am I harsh because he's still banned after a year? Did he expect parole??? LOLOLOL

Yes, you are all free to comment in my journal. However, don't bother commenting anonymously, because it'll stay screened.

EDIT: Wait, is he saying that he shouldn't be banned because other members of this community are more "harsh" than he is?? WHAT? Does this dude even know what the rules are here? Being an asshole is a-OK, as is being harsh, obtuse, stubborn, frustratingly dense, ironically arrogant, meen like Yoder :( &hearts, etc.


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