June 1st, 2007


Goodbai Crule Interwebz!!!111one

YAY! My first Stupid! I'm so psyched.

So in THREE FOUR LMAO SEVENTEEN OMG EIGHTEEN WTF NINETEEN different communities that I know of: aesthetes, photographers, alt_history, bpm, conspiracy101, darkmachine, first_amendment, future_liberals, guerillatics, idm, industrial_djs, n0ise, real_history, rhythm_noise, secondshifters, creativephoto, breakcore, industrial, and found_objects [EDIT: and more or less totally OT in all of them], peepnklown FLOUNCES FROM ALL OF THE INTERWEBZ!

Not only that, but he does it with a highly pretentious, but meanwhile completely misspelled and ungrammatical MANIFESTO.

Wait, wait, there's more! He recites his MANIFESTO for the camera, so we can hear his butchering of the English language while we read it. [EDIT3: bahleeted, BOO!] Small details of intonation suggest to me that he's reading this off his screen but trying to make it sound like he's just coming up with this garbage off the top of his head...which I feel makes it even more Stupid.

Unlocked at posting...


[EDIT2: I consider Grammar Nazism an endless losing battle on LJ, but I went for it because his relentless crossposting of this nonsense annoyed my friends page.]
bunny not a bunny

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It's minor, but I thought it was stupid.

I can understand asking for ways to help heal bruises - I've done some googling for similar things, myself. Though really, there's not much you can do other than prevention. Not knowing that isn't necessarily stupid. However:

"i'm bruised from head to toe and it's very unattractive."

Because that's the type of thing you say in a community. You don't want to explain why you're bruised, and you should leave everyone wondering whether you're exagerating or in an abusive relationship.

Head, meet sand.

According to feel_real_love, unless you have your life completely in order, and have a magic crystal ball to see into the future and know absolutely that you will never suffer any harships that keep you from being able to keep your kid with the sniffles home from school, you shouldn't have kids. Not that SHE would ever be in such a situation, because she KNOWS that she will never have financial hardship or have her husband leave her like those idiots who didn't plan right! And if all else fails, she's got her sister to watch the kids.

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More ONTD stupid!! The laffs just keep comin' in!

There's a post over there about DR. DEATH getting out of prison. Things start out pretty tame, with most people commenting about how he never should have gone to prison, what he was doing was a great service, etc.

The first stupid comes when badgerphone calls all pro-lifers idiots. There are many, many good comments in this thread, I suggest reading them all. My favorite is bellichka saying that fetuses can decide whether or not they are pro-life/choice.

The next big stupid is started by disco_balla, who states that because some people can't die by assisted suicide, NO ONE should be able to. (Again, another very long thread that is worth the lulz.) I think kurren sums it up best with, "I can't buy a yacht, therefore, no one in the world should own one!"
Another good stupid in this thread: "We already murder babies because we don't feel like taking care of them. Now we can murder the elderly because we don't feel like taking care of them"

That's just on the first page of comments. I think things died down a lot after all of that; the last 2 pages aren't too interesting.
Harrison and I

A small stupid...

Yay, my first post! Hopefully no one else will post it before I can get this posted, and hopefully I'm doing this right. >.>

So, over at innocence_jihad, which is a community related to the whole LJ Strikethrough 07 thing, mosspiglet makes a post. The LJ cut reads "Dear Livejournal...you can eat this cock."

So, naturally, people click on it. Lo and behold, there's a not safe for work macro beneath it.

mosspiglet seems to fail as a troll. However, someone requests a not safe for work/squick/cock warning and the troll responds with "ahahahaha free speech bitches", even though the comment had NOTHING to do with free speech.

Unlocked at the time of posting. Still pretty fresh and small.

ETA 1: mosspiglet has decided to join us. He/she says the Strikethrough wankfest is stupid. Then why did you join innocence_jihad, OTHER than to troll and post a macro like the one you did?

ETA 2: People have been pointing out (Edit: at Innocence Jihad) that originally, the LJ cut merely said "Dear LJ," which is why I, personally, clicked on it in the first place, thinking that it was another letter someone had written to them. It wasn't until people started asking nicely for a NSFW warning that the OP edited the LJ cut.

The Get Over Your Political Philosophy Award goes to...

In which ikilled007 rails against the welfare state over in libertarianism. While this isn't out of the ordinary for that particular community, this gem was too good not to post:

"...[A poor couple has] 7 kids who would likely not have been born, but thanks to distorted incentive structures, some moron can have 7 kids by different fathers before she turns 21. I wonder how many libertarians -- people most deserving of having kids -- choose not to..."

I know some people take their political identities seriously, but eugenics based on ideology?!  A little much. :)

EDIT: Two seconds after I posted this, I noticed it was the second post on libertarianism in a row.  Sowwy!


No I cannot get enough of the wank that is libertarianism. It is an endless spring of stupidity. From which I greedily drink.

The latest wank is more of everyone's favorite numskull volkris.
I'm not really sure where to section it off. But the stupid really gets going here. And just gathers speed from there. Do keep in mind this is a "free market will fix all if the government would just keeps it's nose out of it" libertarian singing the praises of Mr. Bush.

If NOTHING else, executive orders don't supersede either the law or the Constitution. Therefore, Bush cannot make himself dictator through such an order, as it would be illegal.

If illegal things are happening and the Constitution and the laws have been dismissed to THIS extent, then the order is worthless anyway as he could make such a declaration without it.

Because you know Bush Co. would never do anything illegal. Like say start an illegal war. Strip foreign nationals of their civil liberties. Suspend the Geneva convention. Order thousands of illegal wire taps..etc etc etc.
To which amazinggoatgirl asks:
What's to stop him from doing it if everyone assumes that if it were illegal, someone would have stopped him already?

Checks and balances.

You know, the ones that havn't been working lately.
I'll take recursive logic for 500 Alex.

Edit: I really should have added this gem:

And now for the Meta-Stupid (of which there has been plenty)

njyoder(no he's not stupid) has ridden in to save the day here.
anomie666 In a classic pot and kettle moment, insists "Nothing the guy said was stupid". Remember this is volkris we are talking about.
werz_waldeau Insinuates I'm a nutty conspiracy theorist for pointing out portions of the public record.

Not to mention the multiple comments insisting that it's not stupid to simply disagree on a political issue. To which tatyannamw rather wisely points out "In my estimation, a good deal of stupid is a matter of subjective opinion. So, I don't think you fail. *shrug*"

In the end some liked it, and some hated it. Considering the source material I certainly could/should have done a better job with this. But in my own defense. After spending so much time in libertarianism, it's starts to become difficult to differentiate between average stupid and epic stupid. There is just so much of both. As 99catsaway follow up post only a few hours later so graphically demonstrates.