May 31st, 2007

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"news: Well we really screwed this one up."

Upon seeing that the CEO of Six Apart posted to news, I immediately planned my post.
(First time poster, yay.)

Some brief, first page highlights as 1800 comments is really tl;dr.

hashire gets the FIRST! post and causes an instant kerfluffle.

anildash apologizes on behalf of people who work for LJ and gets flamed for talking to every media outlet before talking to the LJ users and generally being a douche, but a few people do seem to accept the apology... oh wait. No, seems everyone still has their panties in a bunch.

Fandom icons abound! Censorship flags are burned! Dirty words are flung about carelessly - won't something think of the children!?

And I'm too lazy too look for good stupid on page 33 of comments. Enjoy.

EDIT After nearly 3000 comments, the original post was edited to discuss "talking the press", WFI, why it took so long, will these mistakes be made again, and most importantly "where is Brad?"!!

My personal favorite line so far? "Even idiots can be right about some things." I demand an icon, or at the least a cat macro.

They're in ur neighborhoodz!

In which [info]404 declares, "When the MAJORITY of worldwide terrorist attacks are from people of Muslim faith, then yeah, I'd be worried if a whole bunch of unassimilated Arab/n. African Muslims decided to make their home near mine.

I'm thinking that since the majority of shooting sprees are perpetrated by men, I should be concerned if one moves anywhere near me! 
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Medical science? HILARIOUS.

In prego_drama, a post is made (embedded video) about a woman who wasn't aware of her pregnancy until two days before she gave birth to a full-term baby boy. When thnx_fr_th_mmrz takes issue with a doctor's questionable statement that a good pregnancy outcome without prenatal care is "exceedingly rare", lincolnloggirl calls her "medieval", because prenatal care saved her life. Despite a couple people trying to sanely point out that prenatal care is a nifty idea, just not required for the continued propogation of the human race, the thread devolves into a hostile, drawn-out seatbelt metaphor.

But it gets stupider.

evewasframed suggests that the doctor's statement may have been predicated upon the woman's weight. lowiness hotly denies that weight has anything to do with pregnancy outcome. When respectfully presented with some studies that prove otherwise, her response is ~laughs~ You're hilarious! WHY would I want to listen to anything that mainstream medicine has to say? Then it gets weirder and nastier.

I haven't mined half the threads in this post yet, but I couldn't keep it to myself any longer. I can promise at least a few tears shed because the baby in the video is getting fed a bottle.

One of these things is not like the other

On fanficrants

splinner posts his/her thoughts on the Strikeout '07

To all those who think a few incest journals is "not a big deal"...
First they came for the pedophiles, and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t a pedophile.
Then they came for the incest writers, and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn’t an incest writer.
Then they came for the Jews, and I didn’t speak up,
because I wasn't a Jew.
Then they came for me.

Do I really need to add anything to that?

EDIT! Damn, too slow!

Here's have some of the Mod Tags: aww yeah baby more incest plz, great strikethrough 2007, i don't think that means what you think, missed intended target liekwhoa, someone's asking for trouble, this can't end well, whoops godwin's
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small, but horrifically coloured, stupid

Over in bad_service, little2psycho relates her tale of woe regarding her desired pretty pink hair, a novice hair dresser, and the resulting bizzaro tiger stripes, complete with pics. It really, truly is horrible.

circumlocutory remarks, "I am amused that you think *that* is freakish but you initially asked for pink hair, as if pink hair is not freakish."

They're calling each other cunts within four comment exchanges. Damn, that's fast!

Edit: As remarked on 16,407 times, this was posted yesterday.
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How about some classic racism wank?

Over here in fandomsecrets someone posts a secret saying that they find when someone uses an Asian person's photos for their RP character it annoys them, since they can't tell them apart.

The post explodes. Sadly, all over my inbox, since it was my post day. People everywhere woe about the asian hate, and racism against asians. A good time is had by all!

Eventually tired of the wank, grayout posts a capslocked disclaimer stating that it was his secret, and he's asian, and he wasn't being racist.