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May 30th, 2007

cf_hardcore is very disappointed in Pirates of the Caribbean. (Spoilers ahoy, before you start bitching.) Not unexpected, really, and while the biological speculations and paranoid Jack fangirls are amusing, what really gets me is that otf_wank appears to be ahead in our undeclared childfree-mocking ratings war. We need to step it up, people.

At least I thought it was stupid...

mona27 has an inquiry.

"So I called this wrong number and I got this guy. We've been talking a lot for a while. Blahblah age difference. We've been talking about a real relationship, he has a girlfriend. Is this cheating?"

In response to beach_access giving her the reasonable suggestion of changing her number, she delivers this-

"this I have tried....but he knows were i go to school and leaves me things in my car...she’s moving to Arizona in August....but am thinking of meeting him in a couple of days."


Vera Bradley drama redux!

I really wanted stupid_free to catch this before it gets deleted. Thankfully I have also screencapped the entire post and comments.
sensual_blossom is still the root of Vera drama. The other night she made an off-colour comment about sororities (and the majority of the community is made up of sorority women so I mean, come on!) and her entry exploded into admonishments and snark. She got really huffy and sent 6 long emails to the moderator, who woke up the next morning and found that sensual_blossom had flounced out of the community, deleting her posts and comments along with her (ironically she deleted her comments in the moderator post that told people only the mod could delete comments). Then she booted all the 'mean girls' out of her own Vera Bradley community (vera_junkies). Okay, so that drama has been deleted, but now you have a background for what's coming up next.
Well, tonight, there has been an amazing entry by an unknown. The gauntlet has been thrown!


Because I love you all, I want you to see the original version of the entry. The current one has been edited to remove pictures, but the lulz are fewer without them. No one knows where headovrhighheel got them or who she is even.

Apparently headovrhighheel wants to go out with a bang because she left an amazing parting gift in the form of a final post.
okay, the gist of the second post was to post the following picture. NSFW due to hideous hair and two tongues. DO NOT venture over to vera_bradley and post this picture because I want to keep being able to post there and provide you with lulz.Collapse )
Everything is unlocked and un-baleeted at the time of posting. Should baleetion come about, I have 36 screencaps waiting in the wings. No I don't have a life, I wait for the drama and then deliver it to you guys!

EDIT 1: http://community.livejournal.com/vera_bradley/963139.html for some extra lulz. sensual_blossom must buy her mom jeans and get her hair done at Ann Taylor because it is the pinnacle of couture. J Crew is for the younger set with their lack of money. It's almost on a level with walmart!

EDIT 2: Okay, I've had requests for the rest of the screencaps. I'll cut these because I have 32 links for you all. These are the comments for the first post, it reached 128 comments when I went to bed at 4 this morning.
You are a mean girl Cady Heron! You're a bitch!Collapse )

LJ goes BOOM!!!

I am shocked this isn't here yet.

Via metaquotes, it's revealed that a ton of fan-fiction coms have been deleted by LJ because of "illegal" interests. They're clearly off target, since a few of the comms are harmless, such as a Spanish language comm for the discussion of the novel, Lolita and another that helps people get over being molested.

Many point the finger to a web crusaders group who hacks people's myspace pages and tries to make the internet safe for children. The crusade, called "Warriors for Innocence", claims to be behind it, saying they pressured LJ to delete users and coms with "questionable" interests, such as lolita, slash, etc.

Basically, the fan-fic community explodes.

I'm not into fan-fiction or lolita or anything, but damn, LJ, way to be stupid. No newspost or anything. The wank from this is going to be SPECTATULAR.


First-time poster.

A rather small stupid, but I just couldn't pass it up.

animedude makes a post over at heated_debate about a Mary Jane Watson figure that had some people in a flap and wonders what the big deal is. Fair enough, but I come back to the post today to find that the Anti-Feminist Brigade has arrived and contributed the following gems:

lesleykajira: Feminists, in general, are harpy-women whom i believe would benefit from actualizing the "Bingo" of finding "the right man" for each and every one of them. And then they will do the laundry.
liathandra: IMO, feminists are narrow-minded women who act just like the "chauvanistic" men they hate so much. Further, if they really wanted to throw a fit over a comic character, there are many others more worthy of their attention. Let's face it: Feminists are just jealous of Lady Death!
petshopboy1983: I've always thought the most defining characteristic of the feminist is the shoulder pads in her suit jacket. (And shoulder pads have been out of fashion for how long, exactly?)

And then mumbalo_jack comes along and delivers the chief stupid. I don't know about you guys, but the fact that feminism is no longer valid is news to me!

As a strong feminist, I don't have a problem with the figure. The man who designed it said he was aiming for a pinup-esque MJW finding the Spider-Man suit in the laundry basket and discovering Peter Parker's secret identity. But either way, it's a non-issue. I believe in choosing my battles, and men designing pinups does not oppress me. (As a matter of fact, I like pinup cartoons.)

I do, however, have a problem with being pigeonholed. Sensible feminists are not a dying breed.


Whoa! Stop the fucking presses!

I figured someone else would pick this up.

Over in poor_skills, cat_macdougall posts a few questions concerning sunscreen and midges. She is unable to purchase any sunscreen at the time, and so is looking for any extra suggestions to keep her daughter from burning. Some extremely judgmental and opinionated people come along, and harassment ensues.

OMGS BAD PARENTING DRAMA in which someone claims to have called CPS on another poster.
I know that ONTD stupid is like shooting fish in a barrel, but we need a little bit of fluff to get us through until LJs ~*~*~official~*~*~ Pedogate statement, right? Right. It’s small but entertaining.

Apparently, Aretha Franklin is trying to lose some weight and has cut back to 1750 calories a day. No biggie, right?

Oh, no.

Cue everyone and their mom:

1) Freaking the hell out about how OMG MANY CALORIES that is and
2) Letting us know that they eat 1/16th of that JUST TO MAINTAIN oh my gosh. Pigs.

I love you ONTD. I do.

(Errr, I tried to post this a minute ago but LJ ate it. :| If it ends up double posted: I'm sorry Snots! Feel free to macro the crap out of me.)

May. 30th, 2007

I know many of you feel that the stupid has been getting a bit on the heavy side lately, so I thought you might appreciate a good old-fashioned flounce post over at abandonedplaces. The reason for this dramatic, self-righteous exit? The moderator recently made a post reminding everyone that abandonedplaces is an English language community, and redirected those who've been posting lengthy entries in Russian to the Russian language counterpart. kasmoie feels oppressed on behalf of the Russians and tries to convince everyone to "abandon this place where diversity is frowned upon."


Everytime I post at TQC, stupid happens!

Dating sites attract people who reek of desperation or people who prey on those that reek of desperation.

Still small, let's see what the night will bring.

ps: Failboat for me for me! That's what I get for being too eager... *cries and cuts*

Macros please?

The triple crown of stupid.

My apologies for posting my own post here, but 3 of the reponses are from stupid_free all stars. We have mumbalo_jack posting as the "King of the Obvious", ideasmith posting some nonsense not related to the post at all, and njyoder being his yappy midget troll self.


EDIT: Damn you work meetings! I couldn't join in the fun, but did enjoy those cat macros.


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