May 29th, 2007


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Welcome to stupid_free poetry corner, hosted by diapholom, wherein we're treated to some lovely bits of verse about the struggles of the every day New Yorker:

every culture brings the defects of their originating country with them
even as they exhibit their best values

we all look for patterns

"political" terms will not protect you from what's out there
this is just a discussion
you get beat up by irrational, immature people whether you label them this or that

do i have to do stand-up comedy so i can use a term?
do you want your gerbil to get the same benefits as a civil union?
your mind is your own
fuck the "liberal" police ("sentimental" democrats & their abortion rights)

everyone here is a hypocrite
and you think you're not

There are other such comments full of random line breaks elsewhere in the thread, but he repeats this one twice. What?

Bonus points to the OP, who clearly saw some kids from Spain defacing a subway car, or something...

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Tired of the same old wank? ljsecret invites you to try some paedophilia wank on for size!

In response to a secret in which someone voices concerns that they may be a paedophile, an anonymous commenter says "it's okay," "we're only wrong because they say we are," and paedophiles can care for and love children "more than anyone else ever could,".

Rather predictably, everyone explodes.

He goes on to insist over and over that he would never rape a child (as if this is the only form of sexual abuse that exists or counts), and when challenged to explain just what he means by "loving" a child, he counters with "romantic love."

It all goes tits up when he compares a mother's love to a paedophile's love, and claims that his love for children is exactly the same as gay people who don't go "assraping" in the streets.

Sweet cracker sandwich.

ETA: If all this wasn't bad enough, look at the lengths some people are going to defend him. I understand what they're trying to do, but between wanting to bestow his "romantic" love on kids, and making comparisons to homosexuality, I think their charity is misplaced, frankly.

ETA2: Oh, did you guys know that homosexuality has "everything in common with paedophilia"?

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NEWSFLASH: Scots, the native people of Scotland, are not an ethnicity. Apparently all white people are simply an undifferentiated mass. For her next trick, armchairshrink will explain how the Japanese and the Chinese are just Asians and need to get over their foolish perception of having unique cultures and histories.

EDIT: Oh yeah, the OP is pretty dumb too, but I'm not even sure what he's saying. I would have posted it to confusing_muddle_free, but alas, no such community.
Lesbian kisses

My first stupid!

So. Over in bad_service, axlackxofxcolor makes a post about how Taco Bell sucks for not serving her and overcharging her credit card.

Cue radley calling her a bitch for wanting to be served, since they're still open, even two minutes before close.

slow_awakening weighs in on the whole situation: OMG WHAT A DISASTER. HOW WILL THE WORLD SURVIVE.

It's fairly small at the moment, but oh! the potential. I hope this is appropriate stupid.
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