May 28th, 2007

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Drunken driving is perfectly OK. It's just the ones who crash giving it a bad name...

...Or so claims i_nemesis in the shallow pool of pondscum known as ONTD, while defending ~poor, tragic, tortured Lindsay Lohan~ in the wake of her DUI car crash.

"drinking and driving is not as big of a deal as everyone makes it out to be. if you're aware of the fact that you're not a 100% alert and you're careful it's okay. it's the idiots who drink way too much that fuck it up for everyone else."

Interesting aside: The username has been in place since '04, has no journal entries, but has posted over 3K comments.. go figure. Yay trolls.
[edit: "troll" intended towards this specific user given their choice of commentary in combination with lack of entries. apologies, YMMV.]

Further lulz:
"if you didn't have a drink you'll drive like you always do and when it's a drive to your house you'll probably not even pay close attention and have music or talk on the phone. if you're drunk and you focus only on the road it's the same as talking on the phone or arguing with someone while driving."

ms_firecrotch pleads with us to think about the cars!
"it depends on the driver. some people even if theyre drunk worry about killing others so they pay extra attention to the road. others just dont care and sit back.
dont try to make it like all drunk drivers are bad people. sometimes you party more than you think you would and have no one to drive you home. not everyone wants to leave their 300,000$ cars behind at a random house just to take a taxi. maybe you should think about that."

Special shout-out to bunnicula38, bringing the put-down:

"I hope you are not too surprised at the Moral Brigade making their appearance here! They are probably the same people who see nothing wrong with a little bit of weed.

I agree with you - unless the driver is roaring down drunk, it is not a big deal to get behind the wheel after having had a drink or two. One is not likely to get into an accident with that little amount.

If that was the case, everyone in New Orleans would be getting into accidents and landing in jail."

[note bene: I work in EMS, it's kinda a sore spot for me.]

Special bonus round lulz from ms_firecrotch: Driving drunk is like gay marriage: people making moral decisions and forcing them down other people's throats!
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Over at feminist, someone posts about being made to feel "slutty" by her partner's friends, who do not have sex before marriage. nothingmuch, undoubtedly the subject of much sotto voce amusement at any social gathering, decides that the best way to fight this discomfort is to revert to junior high. This is followed by much flailing in all directions, anger, pointless arguments and inevitable mentions of rape, all of which achieves absolutely nothing, in the best of LJ traditions.
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That must be one very immature "hater"...

Very minor stupid from rachael_ray_sux, but hey, it doesn't involve meta or oppressed white boys who support drunk driving...

I'm not a member, but guessing from the context of the entry, someone has been leaving nasty, anonymous messages to members of the comm. yummod2deth writes a post and laments about being left out.

sandd0llars offers this possibility: Maybe their taking a hiatus from the haters for awhile because their wracking their brains trying to figure what to say to us that will make them sound like an adult instead of a 5th grader! LOL

Hmmmm maybe...
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Stupidity at conservatism? Why, I never!

I'm not sure if this has been posted yet, but LiveJournal user and ironically, fellow stupid_free member, radagast14 has made a legendary display of ignorance/intolerance/WTFOMGZ MY HEAD IS GONNA EXPLODE over at conservatism.

"A ban that would have added homosexuality to the list of things that can’t be discriminated against in the work place has been shot down by the good old Nebraska Unicameral. So there, homosexuals! The resistance to your way of life has won a victory today! The state of Nebraska has illustrated once again that they’re a light of reason and rationality in the sea of immorality. Nebraska has sent a message – not everyone has been suckered in by homosexual talking-points. There’s no place for homosexuality here! If the homosexual agenda feels even a little misery because of this news then I openly rejoice at the thought!"

Read here to kill brain cells. I haven't yet slogged through the whole discussion myself, but it's bound to be full of lulz. And by lulz, I mean statements that will probably so infuriate you that you'll want to put your fist through the monitor and/or cry hysterically over the fact that people who think like this still exist in the 21st century. Stupid MISinformation age...