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May 27th, 2007

Small, tasty fish in a barrel.

Because people at customers_suck never seem to learn that violating their sense of aesthetics does not a sucky customer make, pica_parts flings herself mightily into the crosshairs of commentary while boldly stating right up front, i know this has nothing to do with her being an ass or anything BUT...

Guns(and macros)? Meet fish. And barrel.

Unlocked at time of posting.

EDIT #1: Is bahleeted. Poop. Anyone got the caps?

Another small wank.....

I dunno if this can be considered a big s_f thing, but I thought it was pretty dense.

Over in bad_service, dogiikurigaa goes into a bookstore and someone working there leans over and tucks the tag of her shirt back in. Much freaking out ensues, as well as a claim that invading personal space is bad service. Even if they're being helpful and trying to save one from possible embarrisment.

Touching = bad service!

Most of the comments are either telling her to "let it go" since it's minor and probably the employee trying to be helpful, while others shriek about their personal bubbles and how they'd lay the smackdown on anyone who touched them. Small stupid, but with possibilities.

And if this isn't stupid enough, then I will accept my macro-ing.

I just... what?

What we have here, I have decided, is an example of "You are much too long for this new fangled internetz."

morty_baby flips her shit over two typos on my part. (Extra d in hiding and a missing r in your) Whoops, oh no.

This little bitch fest (which I will admit I fed) has been going on on and off for a day now.  I wonder when this will end.

morty_baby has been featured here before, correct? What is the dealio, folks?

Rinse and repeat

Over in dot_bdsm_snark the infamous flagpoleman is at it again calling fem doms bitches and dykes and adding an obese nakdd woman to boot!

Best yet, flagpolemantries to battle being called a troll with a quip that the accuser is a girl.

Questiong if the incoherency is a resul of babelfish.

I have a beer and am watching the already 93 comment rich post explode.

Short hair = lesbian, duh!

I know, I know... ohnotheydidnt, shooting fish in a barrel. But this mildish stupid made me laugh, and - bonus! - it doesn't involve racism, breastfeeding or grammar... yet.

Taylor Hicks has a new ladyfriend who happens to have short hair. celia18l has some advice for her, and for the women of the world in general: "very few women... can pull off that hairstyle. C'mon girls keep it long :)

So many of my guy friends hate short hair... it's like having sex w/ a man... they say.

*le sigh*"

More stupid follows:

everetteseven rightly points out that having sex with a woman who has short hair is really, actually, not like having sex with a man at all. purpleseahorse disagrees in a comment I can't really make sense of, but it compares anal sex to vaginal sex and concludes that they're the same, because sometimes men have boobs. And that's what her male friends have told her. Or something. But maybe she just has kinkier friends than everyone else.

soozie1982 says that this ain't 1950! and women should style their hair the way they want. celia18l disagrees, because then how will we stop our men looking elsewhere?

hdfan4eva agrees, because "very short hair = lesbian" and her French teacher totally had short hair although then she got pregnant but maybe "she's like one of those people you see on Oprah who know they're gay/lesbian, but just wait 30 years to tell their significant other."

There is, of course, the obligatory "lol dyke" and "ew, I can totally see her with a strap on" and "lololololol is that his boyfriend" comments dotted throughout the post, but at this stage, what else do we expect from the loveable denziens of ONTD?

ETA: Apparently, anyone who thinks the woman is hot "must be some no hair havin' bitches", according to cryskcet (who, by the way, looks to have the same kind of hair as me, and is probably just jealous because our hair looks shit at any length).

Faux news?

Proving once again what a tenious grasp on reality most libertarians hold....
rasilio wrote here:

Um, why do you refer to Fox News as Faux News? Do you have any evidence whatsoever that they manufacture the news they report?

Every review I have ever seen done shows that Fox's news reporting is about as neutral and unbiased as it gets on TV.


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