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May 26th, 2007

The 69th Reich

I was always a bit jealous of the kids who were members of drama-filled communities full of entertaining stupid. Then I stumbled across this shit, and let me tell you, I haven't stopped laughing since.

Well, you may have heard of nazifetisch (LOL), but here's a semi-recent post where members fawn over Himmler.


One of my favorite comments?
"Awee! Himmler is so cute- I got really a huge collection of photos of him."
Complete with a cutesie Nazi icon and all. Wowwwww. Shooting fish in a barrel, you say? I say you just can't appreciate the cuteness of our Nazi Overlords (Heil to them).

Excuse me, I'm gonna go watch Triumph of the Will and masturbate.

Ohhhh. And one of them has a Putin icon. My life is officially complete.

Edit: I guess I should edit this to say that I think it's extremely stupid to be all "aww Himmsy-Wimmsy" over a war criminal, fetish or not. Perhaps my mistake is in not linking that entire community. I just saw one of the recent posts and the stupid therein, and I acted.

Edit zwei, from their user info - "And then if you continue to be a little brat and start flaming the mods on their own personal journals, we get nasty and start loading the ovens...or we call our good friend Mengele!" (Thanks, tanwen)

As you can see, that joke is both funny and tasteful. So, "I don't see the stupid" camp, I guess I rest my case.


May. 26th, 2007

Dogs pretty much suck, but if you have to get one, buy from a breeder, because shelter dogs will turn on you.

It's a small thread, but I thought that comment was pretty stupid. Especially because I grew up with my aunt's two shelter dogs, and they were lovely creatures.

A small stupid...

Hopefully this is stupid enough? I hope so.

Over in wtf_inc, someone (trolling, I'm sure) posts spoilers to the end of POTC3, not under a cut. So don't click that if you don't want spoilers. Several people go insane and so the name calling begins. But this concerning chris2342. He goes off on these overly long rants about how this just totally evil, with some lame attempts at sarcasm thrown in. I can't really describe it well myself. I just find it stupid how some people go INSANE over a movie.
This is kinda old and kinda small, but it fits with our current theme of pet-related stupidity.

maude feeds her cat a vet-approved dry food diet, but gives him a can of wet food two or three times a month as a treat. Unfortunately, she got some tainted food that resulted in kidney damage and a hefty vet bill. She makes a post in bad_service about a horrible interaction with one of MenuFoods' fine representatives, who tried to argue that the cat's health problems were due to owner neglect, and couldn't possibly have anything to do with their poisoned food.

Of course, we all know where this is going.

gnittar starts by displaying a lack of compassion as well as a lack of reading comprehension, with "No offense, but yea, you are a bad pet owner."

But spikesandstuds (watch out, she's ~*edgy*~!) decides, why stop there when you can be a TOTAL ASSHOLE as well!

Highlights include:

"Vets don't know much about pet food, so I prefer to trust a complete stranger on the internet!"

spikesandstuds: Anyway, didn't you say your cat had lepto? (second half of same comment)
maude: Uh, no, you're thinking of a comment someone else made.
spikesandstuds: Then you must have edited out the part about your cat having lepto.

And in a final LOL, spikesandstuds has the gall complete lack of understanding of the word 'irony' to post a macro accusing someone else of being "passive-aggressive and shitty on the internet".

(In case you're wondering, the kitty is now doing much better, and MenuFoods has agreed to pay the vet bills.)
Small, but I expect more fun in the future.

Over in theoffice_us, i_wear_cashmere posts some HOTT HOTT pictures of John Krasinski.

keepyourguns innocently wonders if JK actually smokes.

crake_wins informs us that "smoking is harmless." BZUH?

I'm tempted to call troll, but forsee many LULZ nonetheless.

May. 26th, 2007

In ONTD principino had this to say about Lindsay Lohan having coke when she was driving drunk.

"Whatever, if she had coke so what. Doing coke (not the drunk driving, of course) is a victimless crime."



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