May 25th, 2007


Methinks someone is bitter!

It's almost a day old, and a small stupid, but at least I'm not meta-ing, right?

Anyhow, over in poor_skills, raevgray asks a question about auto loans vs. personal loans.

Apparently, raevgray featured haolegirl in stupid_free at some point or another. haolegirl got butthurt by it, and decides to make snide comments about it in her comments to raevgray, over and over and over again.

PS - haolegirl is way better than us, ya'll, because she's in the process of adopting 3 children instead of being snarky on the internets. Oh...wait...

PPS - Don't be dicks and troll personal journal, but check out haolegirl's userinfo. Seriously! We got red AND bold print! Also, guys think she's Hawaiian or something? I can't tell. And, look out for her internets lawyers. She apparently has 4!

Edit: Apparently claudiag made the first post in I'm just really confused as to why she's going off on raevgray, unless it's for simply being a member of the community.
Batshit Insane

Public Service Announcement

Here at Stupid_Free, we MOCK internet vigilantes, we don't act like them.

I honestly don't care what your rationalization is for going outside of LJ to inform a total stranger (to you) of an LJ user's bad behavior. I don't, and lord_snot doesn't.

If you want to do it, make sure you remove yourself from stupid_free first, never to return. If you do it, you will be banned without warning or fanfare. If you encourage someone else to do it in the comments here, and they do it, you will be banned without warning or fanfare.


Your Moderators,

lord_snot and sayonara_snot

P.S. This has also been added to the rules in the user info.

Also, a small clarification: The link at the beginning of this post is an example of the fine folks of stupid_free mocking someone who acted as an internet vigilante.

This link is an example of some of the fine folks of stupid_free doing what we've mocked others for doing in the past.

BPAL gets caught with its pants down

or at least, its artist does.

bpalanonymous is the target this time; it seems that the label from one of the new "Snake Pit" series looks awfully similar to a very well known picture of a rare orange king cobra which has already been licensed for commercial use by another company.

Much frothing ensues.

Don't most King Cobras look like that? Besides, I wonder if you copyrighted the photo, or your snake. Overreact much?

yea, sorry I'm being snarky, but how did you know it was your King Cobra? Are there any distinguishing marks? Did you post the pic publically?

kat15lee hits it right on the head with this comment: Firstly, I'm just giving you a heads up, BPAL fans are.. er.. um.. how can I put this nicely, militant? So it might get snarky in here, don't take it personally.

I'm a huge BPAL fan (as my collection can attest), but the rabidness of the fandom can be... interesting... at times.

Edit: Bonus stupid at danceswthcobras's journal, as emzebel shakes a finger at her for badmouthing the sacred cow.

Edit 2: For those wondering about the Ded Moroz references, it's classic BPAL wankery over a prototype scent located here.

Highlights include: A company wanting to make money? UNPOSSIBLE!

In fact, making cash off your work is hypocritical!

Someone's gonna resell this at a profit!

There's tons more if you dig.

Are lesbians people? Depends on how hard you're trying!

megan lick


Someone posts about fatphobia in the environmental movement. on_a_hill announces that SHE'S not concerned about it because she's a GOOD HUMAN and not one of those "400lb moms toting their 200lb 6 year olds out of WalMart with fries and soda, to their gas guzzling Suburband" (that she actually saw this weekend!) When people bitch her out, she proclaims that she's not afraid of anyone! and the mod is being discriminatory against HER! because she hates "discent"! Coincidentally, she is a friend of aria_star, though mainly I mention this because I found her OK!Cupid page the other day and it is FANTASTIC.