May 24th, 2007


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"Hey guys, I'm cheating on my boyfriend with a guy who has a problem keeping it up. He says he feels guilty, could that be the problem?"

She also makes the post with a picture of her and her boyfriend.

Unlocked at time of posting.

Edit: Screencap by rawbery79 as I foresee a deletion since there are tons of people linking her post to her boyfriends myspace.

Meta-stupid (I know, I'm sorry, but it needed to be done)

According to readysteadystop, if you write fanfic, watch anime/cartoons and talk about animals in your LJ, you are a furry. And if you claim to be otherwise, you are in "denial."

This is going to come as some surprise to just about 2/3 of the fic and anime communities. (There's a lot of cross-pollination going on there.) Won't someone think of the fangirls?

It seems very nearly everyone on my friends list is a furry. EVERYONE. Including me. LJ is overrun by closet furries!

Edit: It's not all that bad right now, but I'd like to point out I'm not attempting to give people free reign to dump on furries in this post. Let's try to be respectful and make fun of what people do not what they are, yes? kthx. (I'm going to get shit for this edit, aren't I? *cringes*)

Edit edit: Aaaaand we have an admitted "troll." (Yeah. Right.) SHE DID IT FOR THE LULZ, Y'ALL! IT WAS A SOCIAL EXPERIMENT!! *rolls eyes*
STFU [kitties ranty]
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parents today....

over at booju_newju, glamscene posts an article about a kid stomping through a sand painting being made by some Buddhist monks at Union Station in Kansas City. she posts the article, which notes that the mother was nowhere to be seen until AFTER the kid has destroyed the monks' work, then just picks him up and takes off. she then asks the sensible question: Do you think the mother should have reported it? Would you have reported it or would you have took off?

most of those there immediately say they would have reported/apologized to the monks and made the kid apologize.

then there's this genius, threekidsinky:
"oh's not a crime! if the monks didn't want it touched, they should have done it somewhere where no one would bother it! i'd apologize, but still who cares because it's just a TODDLER!!"

yea way to be an entitlement twit, princess. :eyeroll: being brat-sized is not a free license to let yours run wild.

when everyone tells her she's wrong and points out that's there rope around the monks' work area (an obvious sign to MOST people (even young brats!) that you Do Not Go In That Area, she gets all butthurt and claims parenting is "oppressing" a kid's free spirit. well now, doesn't that explain all the ill-behaved brats that come in my store?! i'll just make a note of that!

bonus stupid: threekidsinky asks glamscene if she has children. glamscene says no, but she babysits a niece three times a week. threekidsinky's response? "Just like I thought!"


whatev, lady. i have a five year old niece and a four year old nephew. last October, i took said niece to the local Powwow held by the Four Winds Council. at one point, we had to get a temporary seat to watch a lady i knew as a customer from my store do a special dance from her tribe. we were pretty close to the drummers, who had their area obviously roped off. i pointed it out to my niece and told her she could watch and look at the drummers after we watched Acosia's dance, but she had to mind the ropes. she understood.

and guess what else? I never let her out of my sight/reach.

if you want to be a sucky parent, then you do that. but don't expect not to be told you ARE one--whether it's by a CFer or even the other parents in booju.
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Yep, that'll work for sure

theniwokesoftly says: So I have to lose 3/4 of a pound every single day for the next 3 months! "It's non-negotiable, so let's please not get into a debate about that. I'm already on Weight Watchers, but what kind of exercise can I do so that I'm losing weight and not building up lots of muscle (some is fine, but seriously, seventy pounds here)?" The reason for "needing" this rapid weight loss? Not losing weight = waiting at least another two years for this job opportunity.

A few posters point out that losing 70 pounds in 3 months is, contrary to misinformed andinaccurate opinion, essentially impossible.

Unfortunately, the OP is set on risking her health and/or life to attain this oh-so-important job.

More sad than stupid, really, but does anyone truly believe that you can healthily lose 70 pounds in three months and actually keep it off?