May 23rd, 2007


How have I been here so long and not reported a stupid yet?

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Not sure if this is more something stupid or something I disagree with, though I'd say it's a little bit of both.

Over at conservatism, radagast14 is enthralled with the failing of a bill in Nebraska that would prevent discrimination based on Sexual Orientation. He counts this as a win for the home team against the evil HOMOSEXUAL AGENDA! Not only is he gleeful about this, but he also wants this absurd separation of church and state we have done away with as soon as possible and replaced by a Christian guided government (as if we don't already practically have one).

Anyways here's the link:

There's even more stupider stupid in the comments, though:

"Do you see straight, white males listed as protected? Nope. Special groups have special rights and that is wrong.".

"Yeah, right. I'm privileged. Where is my million dollars and fancy cars? Please explain how I had any kind of privilege growing up in a majority black city."

Edit: radagast14 has found his way over here! You can welcome him in on the second page of comments =)
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If you don't bleed from your vagina, you'll like die

On TQC, snoringbeautee asks what we think of the new birth control pill that stops periods, and a number of people demonstrate an astounding level of ignorance about how their bodies work.

It's a relatively small stupid really, but there are a couple of prize comments in there, including the information that if you take the pill constantly in order to avoid getting your period, it'll like kill you. And you need to have a period in order to get rid of toxins.

You cannot put drama in a Vera Bradley bag

Of all the communities I'm in, vera_bradley was the one I expected the least drama from. Well rejoice stupid_free because I have come to bring some catty, purse-fueled stupid to poke fun at.

sensual_blossom is an obsessive Vera Bradley collector. She has, by far, the largest collection of VB in the entire community. Here she admits to having dropped $1900 for the fall collection. Here she brags about what she acquired at the outlet sale in Indiana that happens every year. You may be asking, but where's the drama?
sensual_blossom is a drama queen. Many of her antagonistic posts were deleted along with her snide comments. A lot of members can't stand her. Today the moderator made her a co-mod in the community.
She acts all sugary sweet and promises to be the bestest co-mod ever OMG! There is no room for negativity and if you don't like it you can leave!
55 comments later, she's still not done. She goes on to make a second post, titled by a friend as her 'acceptance speech.' DRAMA!
When she gets called out for being an instigator she rebutts by trying to be sweet and positive.
There's only one way to finish this post and that's with a quote from Mean Girls: "Boo you whore!"


sensual_blossom R knowin bout copyrites! Even when she's wrong she's right.

EDIT 2: she got pissy and baleeted her acceptance post. Thankfully I managed to screencap it. Please excuse the lack of cropping, I R dumb w/ Paint.

EDIT 3! The original mod and creator speaks out!

Vera_Bradley is my new favorite community! :)

It's so great! I may never stop making smiley face emoticons! :)

Although, I must say, the new mod seems a little, er, dramatic. Is it just me?

I made a post asking if the members feel that comment deletion should be against the rules. We're all talking nice-nice, like civil adults, but sensual_blossom keeps telling us to "let it go"!!

Whatever does she mean? I'm so confused. :(

I hope she doesn't delete my post! That would be very dramatic and un-amicable!!!

vertigo_vox has posted a Helpful poll in order to gauge the rest of the community's thoughts on obscenity in comments. I'm sure this will help sensual_blossom act within the best interests of the community's members. Kudos, vertigo_vox!!