May 22nd, 2007

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It's apparently cats and racism month here, so I thought I'd join in.

Over in cat_lovers, whinchat posts that her cat has gotten in a fight and is feeling poorly, but she doesn't want to take him to the vet because they will recommend I put him down like they did last time. Useless professionals. Everyone tells her to take the cat to the vet, and she comes up with this:

I haven't been for three years (since his cancer was diagnosed) despite all the things that have happened to him. He has pulled it through every time (recurring tumor, arthritis, a hole in the head (!), an eye infection that left him partially blind, etc). The vet is not the first option, especially as they probably wouldn't sedate him anyway.

Personally, I would think that if your cat goes blind, it's a sign you should probably take him to the vet more often. But maybe that's just me being silly.

EDIT: Deleted! Too bad I screencapped some of it. Here's the original post and the tumors, arthritis, eye infections and holes in the head comment. Sorry for the massive size of the pictures.


So over in poor_skills, tailfox is planning a babyfur party on the cheap!

Planning a gathering ^____^
I need the following in bulk, stat:

3 cases of diapers (important: adult size)
12 sippy cups
Jammies (again, adult size)
Lots and lots of chlorophyll tablets

I need this as cheaply as possible. I've been looking around at the medical supply places, but they either do not sell direct to the public, or require doctor approval. I hold these events often enough that wholesale prices are preferred.

And everyone's all like WTF furries.

lakinicoyote accuses him of ripping off her material, which was certainly funnier.

I'd call troll on the account, except it's been around since 2005 and looks like it's meant for reading babyfur and fatfur comms. So... someone actually thought that posting about crates of adult diapers on a non-babyfur comm was a GOOD IDEA. Whee!

And now, for something completely different

Yay, nothing to do with racism or cats!

Well known nutbar haolegirl and gentlemaitresse get into a pissing contest in gymrats here.

haolegirl apparently LOVES the phrase "to clarify", and uses it over and over and over again.

Follow up post by gentlemaitresse here.

It's still a baby, but give it some time!

ETA: unlocked at time of posting

ETA2: Oh god. Check out the bonus lulz in haolegirl's profile page here; pointed out by entelodont.
megan lick

I don't think there is a man alive who could take a full grown Clydesdale stallion.

This has nothing to do with racism or cats (directly), but you will wish it did.

Zoophile reviews film about bestiality.

Lately, I have found my longing for horses, both in general and sexually to be very strong and almost unbearable at times. I haven't been around horses in over a year and I can't even tell you how much I miss the touch and smell of equine. It adds to my frustration and sadness and I feel like I am wanting something I can never have. Whether it is because of moral mandates, or because of the dangers of an intolerant and uniformed society, or because of the practical difficulties of money, land, and privacy, or all of the above, it seems that having an intimate relationship with a horse is something far beyond reality and my reach. I hope that I would never give in to the temptation, but I can see myself considering such an opportunity as was given to Mr. Hands and the rest of these people. As I said, I don't think it is right to rent out animals like that, but in the case of horses, you don't just get a chance for something like that every day, unless you have your own animal(s) obviously.

All things considered, I give "Zoo" three out of five apples as my final rating.

Some sunnuvabitch scammer just called me and tried to get me to give them my work schedule and meet them in some location for some bogus prize. "Bring no children under twelve," he said. Fucker hung up when I called him out, though. Bastards.

Meta, meta, meta stupid?

Yeah, so, as much as I feel giving njyoder more attention is ill advised, and as much as I recognize he's old news to the nth degree ... I simply had to post links to these two conversations between himself and one of our mods (luckily for me I actually was able to remember she was a mod. Yay! I'm improving).

Edited due to my less than stellar memory njyoder asked sayonara_snot if she would be posting and admitting her fallacy. Neither he, nor she, chose to make such a post though.

EDITED AGAIN: Good grief, it's no wonder I can't keep things straight, really... but here is a link provided by sayonara_snot which I was SURE I saw, but started to doubt:

Yes, I am easily confused.

The stupid is rather obvious, I should think. For those of you who have seen this already, I'm sure it still boggles the mind. For those of you who never noticed it ... prepare yourself. It's about to get messy.

And for a bonus;

I have to say that sayonara_snot is rather hilarious in how she handles him. I'm not sure if she's patient or if she truly does like him. Hard to say, but I think you will all agree that the first thread is quite the meta-meta-worthy thread, and the second is the icing on the cake.

Enjoy (and feel free to post macros, I could use a few new ones).

TRIGGERING: Women huddling in darkened corners inside.

Very small.

A movie is released about an update to the game World of Warcraft.

timetoknowbe in feminist is a very serious World of Warcraft player. So much so that she is disgusted, internets, at the misogyny supported by the game. This new movie is just the last straw. Please join her in writing to Blizzard.

Uuuuugh. Anyone who plays World of Warcraft or I imagine any game like it has to put up with the disgustingly misogynistic behavior and language from at the very least 75% of the players....

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