May 21st, 2007

doctor: donna wish i could be

customers_suck: the end may be nigh :(

some idiot made an open post (now-deleted) on customers_suck where she named the library she worked at and gave out other relevant personal info. the post made it here to stupid_free (regarding its breastfeeding_wank).

some LJ imp, from either here or c_s, decided to use that information to contact the OP's employer and bitch about things.


stupid the first: posting your personal info and the specific name of the place you work in an open post on customers_suck.
stupid the second: whoever the hell contacted the employer
stupid the third: the link up there goes to the thread where people have started the "blaming the victim is never right" argument - that even though she posted her information in the post/its comments, what happened was omg!not her fault.

on a sidenote, the mod of customers_suck has promised banhammer and LJ-bahleetion for the perpetrator, if she ever finds out his/her identity. there's a lot of discussion about how the snots feel about the situation. i hope no one from stupid_free did it. :(
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fat stewie

small stupid-first post

In the new community sassybroads spite_the_world Tells us how she responds to people heckling her on the street. The comm is pretty new and there aren't many comments, but the real stupid is in her follow up post, where she explains her anti-classism and how volunteering at a homeless shelter makes her attitude toward street folk ok.
And animals are our equals. I suspect this comm is going to bring on the lulz for years to come, but i'm ridiculous and beligerent, so what do I know?

Both unlocked at time of posting.

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henry rollins loves you

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Your "I knowingly broke the law, how do I get out of answering for it?" post this week comes courtesy of nyc_for_free.

unehepginagal got a minor ticket for doubling up in a turnstile, and wants to know how she can get out of paying it. She won't say initially why she doubled up, claiming she didn't want to be "judged" by anyone, until she finally reveals that she was in fact just drunk and didn't have time to get another Metro card. Much "stop whining and just pay the ticket" ensues, with unehepginagal refusing to accept that this is the most reasonable course of action, finally stating...

i'm basically saying that, in the words of tupac, "y'all don't know me."

Bonus stupid from this comment thread in which someone had a similar experience and expected special treatment because her father's a cop.

Not outstanding stupid, but annoying nonetheless. LiveJournal, serving your legal needs since 1999.

EDIT: never mind, old nooz.

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I think sassybroads is going to be an absolute goldmine of stupid.

selfish asks why her body is open to public comment:

"A few days ago, while heading to a neighborhood haunt, I heard a fellow step off his bike as I continued to walk in front of him. I heard him clear his throat. Expecting a comment about my ass (yes, it's pretty great, but it's not paraded about), I braced myself. Instead, he said, "Ahhhhhhhhhh.... Your hair is... is sooooooo sexy.... I just love short hair...." Because I'm in PR and because it was a rare Seattle sunny day, I apprehensively said, "Thanks...." and he proceeded to wheel his bike along... And then the real me came from her haze and I said, "But I didn't comment on your horrible physique." He looked incredulous. Like I was a bitch."

Can you imagine? Looking hurt when someone responds to your compliment with a random insult? The gall!

Even more stupidly, everyone applauds her for this sassy display. Wow, that's depressing.

For Your Pleasure: Yoder Grudgewank!!!

Hi stupid_free! This is my first post, and it may qualify as a "grudgewank," but it's about njyoder, and I kind of get the feeling that y'all find him quite hilarious, and this is a pretty hysterical example of him losing his shit. So anyways, here it is. If the mods feel this isn't appropriate, they can delete it.

Over in anti_feminism njyoder posts a long winded and mostly nonsensical thing about machismo, in which he says I wonder how much of [foolhardy expressions of machismo] is compensation for a serious lack of social communication skills (i.e. "I can't have interesting discussion with me friends, so I'll fill what would be awkward silence with boasting and aggressiveness").. This is, of course, a hilarious statement coming from the King of Social Skills, and so I made a snarky comment. This prompted a typical Yoder attempt at an insult, and I responded with an image macro I made. Awhile back I had insinuated that Yoder was to gerbilsage as Mini-Me is to Dr. Evil. So the macro is just Mini-Me with a slapdash photoshop of Yoder's face on it. After about four exchanges he lost it and threatened to delete all of the comments and mark them as spam. You wouldn't think a macro would set him off, but he's Yoder.

Of course i did post another macro, and so he went and deleted my comments (I have screencaps, and he mirrored the deleted comments here. Eventually he starts accusing me of having gone apeshit, claiming that he's a hit a nerve, and generally projecting his distress onto me, as if I were the one threatening to delete comments and then deleting them. It was quite stupid, and very, very funny.

He's threatened to retaliate against this post by linking to an angry message I left on a friend's voicemail, so don't be surprised if he responds to this post with some truly amazingly invasive and personal insults. Sadly he's borrowing material from gerbilsage and loomissimmons, and hasn't quite realized that any embarrassment having that voicemail thrown all over the internet might cause me has already been caused. But still, it'll be funny watching the smartest man on the internet (in his own mind at least) flip his shit and go nuclear. And bonus for you, since many of you don't like me much either. :)

Also sorry this a few days old. Took the mods a awhile to approve my membership, and then I was gone for most of the weekend.

EDIT: The Yoder, he has arrived. He predicted all of your responses! Don't you feel foolish now, proving how smart the Yoder is. That a developmentally disabled chimpanzee could have predicted the response of a skepticultist post to stupid_free is irrelevant!