May 20th, 2007

This just makes me want to pretend that I don't speak English when they call.

Eddie Izzard | Hot Pink

Multiple flounce posts FTW!

onemanmajority made a post on atheism asking: Atheism: Another religion? and is apparently surprised at the response (in an atheist community, mind). He makes a post trying to "clarify", but just digs himself deeper. So, he makes a flouncerific post advising the atheist community to start their own church ... and then, makes yet another flouncerific post wondering why, after comparing atheism to religion several times, everyone thinks he ... compared atheism to religion. Oh, and of course he has to make a big show of being bored.

Small, but amusing. I'm voting really bad troll.

EDIT: Last two flounce posts have been deleted. Sniff.