May 19th, 2007

  • czol

"Whatever, I Do What I Want!"

Minor stupid over in bad_service, silvermoonwolf4 posts a short & rather boring example of sucky service - her mother bought some fast food & they made a mistake with the order, but the restaurant was too far out of her way to go back & complain. Woe. That isn't the stupid though. The stupid is where the OP ends the post with "ps grammer nazis I DONT WANNA HEAR IT".

Yep, like a lead balloon.

Unlocked at time of posting.

EDIT: She edited to post an apology, & also edited the grammar & spelling errors. Nice try - I have caps of the original version: Collapse )

Edit: We have a flounce post! Of sorts... Posted in angryletters, right here.
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