May 18th, 2007

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Pan handling = stupid!

girls_with_ink just got it's own slice of stupid!

ourladyofsighs tells us: My birthday is next month and I think all of you should pitch in to buy me a tattoo! Come on, only a $1 donation from each of you could give me enough to get the tattoo I have been wanting for a year now.

Not a lot in the way of comments yet, but this one is my favourite so far.

edit: sorry, didn't realise the post was locked. post text above, but the comment i like is:

perfect_sorrows: Hey, I don't feel like spending $675 on rent. Can you send me a dollar too?

edit2: post is now deleted.
megan lick

Cory Kennedy= Homeless People = Pit Bulls = Black People, I am sure of it

I only follow fashion for the hot chicks, so I can still be highly amused when the LJ stylemeisters get their vintage designer faded panties into knots about violations of their arcane and randomized code.

It is into this lions' den that young andrewclick wanders, and makes a naive request: He wants to be the male Cory Kennedy. GASP! you gasp. Who the fuck is Cory Kennedy? It's a minor point, but a Cory Kennedy is a greasy teenage changeling with lots of money and minimal parental supervision who has somehow become a fashion icon, thanks to the powers of the Internet and creepy adult men with cameras.


This is followed by personal attacks and superficial concern for homeless dudes. There is a minor kerfuffle about aberrant typing habits, followed by fatty panic. Through this all, no has once suggested trading clothes with said homeless dudes. I'm sure they would be endlessly grateful for some brand-new skinny jeans and dinosaur t-shirts.
Haruhi disappearance
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Slight stupid, but it has definate potential to turn into a total wankfest.

starliteunicorn writes a post in customers_suck about people who don't speak English as their native language choosing "English" for assistance instead of their native language.

It's all well and good until she gives the old "justification" of, I'm not a redneck. As a matter of fact, I frequent one of the best mexican restaurants in town and I LOVE the servers there. I just can't understand you when your 'C's sound like S, Q, F, P and 10 other letters of the alphabet..

The real stupid comes whenpewter_wings informs her that she might want to take out that bit as it won't go over too well, and she responds that, Definately a joke-but I figure people'll bitch at me anyway. I wanna give them a good target. ^_-

Joke? Alright. Next she'll claim it was all a SOSHUL XPERMENT!

Well, let them have at it if that's what she wants. Unlocked at time of posting.

EDIT: Here's the text of the entry in case of editations or bahleetion:

Collapse )

EDIT 2: Oh look, she's decided to join the festivities here!
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A small stupid from whatiworetoday.

oolicky posts here with a few pictures of himself wearing a new shirt, skinny jeans, and a long necklace.

Quote from francais4ever: "Guys should never wear jewelry to begin with; it just comes across as too gay or the person is confused."

A few people jump in to defend him, saying, 50 Cent wears jewelry, and he isn't gay!", followed by a link to Wtf?

Then someone insults his skin.

Not incredibly stupid, but I suspect it will be soon. If this sucks, feel free to post cat macros, I always enjoy adding to my collection.

Edit: Okay, apparently it's locked. I fail. =(
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(no subject)

Over in brutal_honesty, carajomierda posts about how much she hates babies. The post is filled with spelling and grammar errors and she subsequently gets flamed. After two pages of flames, she falls back on the good old "I was only joking!" defense.

EDIT: Looks like her friend had come to the party!
EDIT2: Bahleeted by a mod. I still have it open if someone wants caps (and can tell me how to cap, lol).

Unlocked at time of posting.

(and I suck at being clever, sorry!)
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I have a feeling that rocket science is not in this person's future.

When you're not smart enough to claim social experiment as the impetus for your bad post:

"mkay im done,  this was a joke, obviouslynot to make you people laugh. but you can keep commenting if you want,specially with your attempts to make me feel stupid, its funny." loveyous<333333

Well done carajomierda, well done.

Found here.

Oops, aerynmoo beat me to it! Snots, feel free to delete my redundant post.