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May 17th, 2007

A bizarre matter of semantics indeed.

Intensive training and study has nothing to do with the real world!

Rationalisations that "student" is by no means a valid occupation, nor has anything to do with being in the real world going on over in ask_me_anything.

Unlocked at time of post.

EDIT: Thanks felishy for pointing out that students contribute in no way to society. layiliyal, you should get on breaking that harsh reality to every psych student who's ever participated in a study immediately.

general trainwreck at anti_fem

backstory: two articles that relate to the following here.

1) a woman feeling violated because she slept with someone thinking it was her significant other, but woops it was really said guy's brother. but it was really dark and she couldn't tell so that was sexual fraud + rape.
2) a reality show where a bunch of guys pick who they want to date. a ton of people pick this one particular woman, probably due to hotness of some kind. they all go on dates with the woman and are probably flirting like fuck because hey REALITY SHOW. turns out they all picked the one trans woman out of all the women they could have picked to go on dates.

insert a thread where people keep trying to out-stupid each other

skepticultist: In both cases the victim will feel that they have been a) deceived and b) violated in a way they would not have consented to had they been fully informed. If the first example is rape, then the second example must also be rape (source).

exactly! saying you're someone else is the same as saying you're you! sure, feel a bit violated due to someone lying about their downstairs, but rape? really? for going on a reality show date where you probably made out at some point? really?

stardance: That's like feeling deceived cause she's not a natural blonde (source)

of course! someone thinking you're a blonde is the same as someone thinking you have a vagina! they're basically the same thing anyway!

skepticutist: you're a feminist. (source)

perfect conclusion + retort! feminists do disagree with people a lot, so if someone thinks you're dumb it must be a feminist!

armchairshrink: the very nature of equating these two situations is rooted in the "trans panic" defense that makes people think it's okay to kill human beings. (source).

well duh! not wanting to personally be sexually intimate with a transsexual is exactly the same kind of mindset that makes people want to kill transsexuals! if you don't want to sleep with a trans person, then you may as well STAB SAID PERSON IN THE FACE + HATE CRIME THE WORLD. this is why there are so many blonde or brunette hate crimes, because once people make a sexual preference on who they want to boink, they also feel an intense need to cull the world of people they don't want to boink.

armchairshrink: Are you that afraid of finding out you like the cock?
skepticultist: I already did my experimental phase years and years ago Sarah...I haven't experimented that much. I made out with a guy when I was 17. That's it. It was gross.

see? he made out with a dude, so he just can't be homophobic at all forever++.

this reminds me. i once high-fived a black guy in high school so in the event i ever say anything racist it's totally cool because i just can't ever be racist ever.

it's just one big adorable pile of bickering and generally stupid statements. the fact that some posters keep using "real" names when referring to the other in reply just reminds me of how parents would say the first middle and last names of their kids when they're really for serious mads.
beyouful writes in denver:

i have few puppies up for homes...
please email me for more infos.. :)

theyre FULL OF JOY! they love to play they love people.. they social with other dogs ( our other family dogs)
mom is spaniel and lab mix. and dad of the puppies.. we assume german shepard. we arent too sure...
we are located in westminster...


Backlash ensues, OP claims her "spayed" dog got pregnant, gets butthurt for being called an irresponsible dog owner.

Says this:
people who has time to nagg at many peoples... give me a break will you guys.. im just trying to get the puppies to good homes to lessen the bad or abanonded or abused animals THANKYOUVERYMUCH

And then baleets her journal.

What the hell?!

cat_macros was hacked had porn posted in it! With plenty of beaver and ass!

One comment so far. "What the hell?!"

I wonder what our wonderful mod kittydoom over there is gonna say about this.

EDIT: Looks like the post has been eaten, but!:

EDIT 2: Thanks to kittydoom, we've found out a certain LJ has been hacked, and therefore this was what was posted (millions of times, of course). Obviously NSFW. And hey, it IS Scully from The X-Files! Thanks, spiderbabyx!

add for a gay friend.

Ouch, sorry, It must be about Livejournal, right? I forgot. But we don't delete here either, no?

Morbid and creepifyin' I'm ok with...

Someone's got a bit of an obsession with American Idol. joseph_jofus is at it again, still completely serious, spouting crazy conspiracy theories and positing that Sanjaya Malakar is truly the NEXT BIG THING.

Using terms like Our Sanjaya", he speculates that people quit watching Idol cause their hero was now gone.

His obsession with the show is frighteningly scary, as he assumes a cult mentality, referring to each of Votefortheworst.com's choices "Our."

And the topping on crazy cake?
And by next week, we need to convert even more people to our cause in order so that Our Blake is the one who gets to talk to and be congratulated by President Bush (on a two-way video hookup from the White House) at the end of next week's finale.

Dude. It's a TV show. Not like ending a war overseas or something. Give IT A REST.

Oh, to denziens of stupid_free, feel free to tell us how you REALLY FEEL about American Idol.

Hands off, hooker!

cmacarson is determined to make it clear to the members of  ohnotheydidnt that no respectable "massage therapist"  would be called a masseur. Apparently, "masseur" is slang for "prostitute who gives massages".

"I hope you do mean masseurs as in a prostitute.
because if you mean a MASSAGE THERAPIST, as in the LICENSED kind.
They are called Licensed Massage Therapists.
A Masseuse or a Masseur is a prostitute. Please stop calling therapists hookers."

And the fun doesn't stop there as cmacarson continues to make people not give a damn, at least until she informs everyone that she can't play anymore because she has to go to a professional....school.

The whole thing appears to be over (for now) but it's pretty amusing to read and rather informative. Watch yourselves, as you may be one back-rub away from jail, you whores!

Edit: She's baaaaack.....


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