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May 16th, 2007

aint2nuts posts in thequestionclub about her 9-year-old daughter, who is constantly forgetting and losing her glasses, which ends up costing her a lot of money.

Most of the replies are positive and helpful, until connusdavance says that her daughter is being disobedient because she's being shipped off to school, and that the OP is shirking her parental responsibilities.
It's only one comment in prolife, but it contains so much stupid that I thought it definitely deserved its own post here at stupid_free.
In response to an article posted about the Irish teen seeking an abortion because her fetus was diagnosed as anencephalic, jazmine601 has this to say:

"I had thought I read that anencephalic babies could be organ donors if they are carried to term. In fact, I thought I read that in this community. It's a shame the mother isn't given that information, she might be persuaded to save the lives of many other infants."

This is not only stupid, but cruel and sad, for several reasons. Some of those being:
A. Suggesting that a 17-year-old carry to term (approximately 6 more months in this case) a pregnancy that she knows will result in the birth of a baby that will most definitely be born dead or live (at most) for only hours/days, SO THEN she can just go ahead and turn over her child for organ donation. How compassionate, no?
B. A "pro-lifer" not being okay with abortion due to severe fetal deformity, but being A-OKAY with what can really only be described as organ harvesting.
C. Anencephalic newborns aren't even considered to be suitable organ donors.

Side Note: Info on anencephaly, if you're not familiar with what it entails.

more bounce to the flounce

shamelessly stolen from otf_wank:

in o_c_d, merteuilp asks if perhaps religion was the cause of her OCD. olmedina, in a sure display of awesomeness, simultaneously offends and is offended by the post.

despite olmedina's douchebaggery, the TRIGGER WORDS were just too much and there is flouncing.


Over in customers_suck, whiteladyeowyn posts about the death of a co-worker's friend and a customer's reaction to it.

booger kicks off the festivities: the customer only said what everyone was thinking.

_bird_man_ just can't understand why everyone thinks it's inappropriate to tell someone that his/her dead friend was an ignorant fuck head. So he explains his position. Very, very carefully. Many, many times.

Also, vulpisfoxfire thinks you shouldn't come in to work if you're going to be crying in the middle of the store. Oh, I agree, and I dare say most of you would agree too, but you know who doesn't always agree? The boss, the landlord, and the bill collectors.

And whiteladyeowyn kindly unlocked the post for me so I could put it here.

Not a whole lot of smart on either side, but _bird_man_ is cracking my shit up. Is it just me, or have the internet sociopaths/nihilists been coming out of the woodwork in force lately?
Over in someposifeed, one gremrat decides to offer some "constructive criticism."

Oh my god. Milholland, I understand you have a pressing schedule, but for fuck's sake... LEARN HOW TO DRAW HANDS. We go from okay-looking artwork in the last comic, to curly-fries-coming-out-of-the-wrist and meaty man arms to rival a half-orc in this last one. A little touching up after the initial sketch to make sure your comic isn't complete crap isn't that hard!

If telling someone that their work is complete crap is constructive criticism, I'd love to see what being a rude asshole is!

There're a lot of comments that follow, but the pwning that follows this one is the only bit that I could find worthy of being linked. Unless you count the "admission" of trolling.

I feel like I've come full circle. someposifeed was the feed that got me in here, on my very own stupid.


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