May 15th, 2007

And Now I'm Cool
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Minor stupid.

Over in foto_decadent, someone posts a NSFW fashion picture based on a 16th century painting without a cut. Comments are divided over "cut please!" and "it's ARTz!!! DON'T CUT!".

Bitching about people reading LJ at work and how they should be fired ensues, as well as discussion that since people back in the Rennisance had no problem with nudity, we shouldn't either. And, of course, the arguement that a fashion spread copying a famous painting is art and therefor couldn't possibly be NSFW.

Minor stupid

Because you know the whole point of going to see Equus, is finding out the EXACT color, length, girth and width of Dan Radcliffe's penis- and his apparently massive testicles.
Oh, know you've blown up when the color of your penis is fodder for celebrity gossip.
Lots of smug, "Oh, this post is gonna get deleted" and fangirlish "What'sit look like? OMG I need pics!" in the comments.
Edit to add: Oh yeah, and I forgot all about the British dudes have small peenzors, ya know! discussions.
Give a dog a home

drugs are bad, m'kay

Teen Wolf // Lydia is Queen

Small stupid in one_tree_hill

The television Upfronts are this week, which you know can only mean one thing: fandom wank!

manifest_kismet makes a post announcing that Hollywood Reporter and Variety have both reported the renewal of One Tree Hill. She says: ~Can't be 100% sure though, we'll have to wait for the UPFRONTS later this week to be sure.

superstarweirdo comments that The Hollywood Reporter is pretty reputable. So, it should be true.

congruency disagrees because the actors have stated they won't know until Thursday and official reports from reputable Hollywood reporters aren't as OFFICIAL as official quoted statements from anyone at CW or a rep of OTH because it's wishful thinking. She adds that anyone can say "officially". like i said, officially would include a quote. i'm a writer. i've practiced journalism. i know the rules.

The mommy mod steps in and tells them to leave it alone.

athenacqd joins the thread to clarify the network has to notify the showrunners so they can fly the cast members out to New York. Technically, a network can change its mind in the 11th hour and pull a show from the line up. While this has happened on a few rare occassions in the past, it is incredibly unlikely.

However, this just isn't good enough for congruency, who coincidentally has working knowledge of the Upfronts from attending last year. She argues last years upfronts featured people whose shows were canceled.

She continues to fail to see the point. And the mods would appreciate a modicum of maturity as they themselves jump in on the official vs. speculation argument.

Minor stupid, but it's attracted plenty of comments and even mod interference. Plus, you know, the CW Upfronts are SRS BZNS and no word is official enough for the LJ journalists.
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I don't know about you guys, but I haven't had some nice, fresh, piping hot owl_clan stupid for a couple of days now. This time he wants to talk about Jerry Falwell, oh boy!

From this post in occult -

rebel_poet_1030 - If you dislike his hatefulness so much...aren't you being a little, I dunno, hateful?
owl_clan - Oh, but it's right to hate when *I* do it.

Edit: **laughs** Okay, I'll grant that it's prolly just me. **presents head for macro-guillotine**
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This one is better, I promise.

simplymelodious feels that even if a woman has gone through trauma, and she decides not to breastfeed for her mental wellbeing, she is being selfish.

Edit: And now uncomformed comes in with this lovely tidbit:

If you don't want to breastfeed, you should have an abortion!