May 14th, 2007

wife beating = homosexuality

Oh hollowpointslug, how I've missed you.

Over in wtf_inc, someone posts a website that celebrates wife "spanking" as a means of discipline and to establish the husband's "authority" over his wife. Using his brilliant reasoning skills, hollowpointslug quickly determines that this is no different than homosexuality and should be just as respected as gay people are. Ok...

Here are some story excerpts from the wife-beating-promoting website:

Lucas spanked her across the basement floor and made her walk up the stairs first where he spanked her bottom every step of the way. He spanked her through the house and up the stairs again to their bedroom. By the time they got there Alyssa was howling in distress, her bottom feeling set afire. He pushed her inside and finally stopped his relentless spanking.

And this charming disclaimer:

Though we believe the Bible gives a husband the authority to use spanking as one tool in enforcing his authority in the home with or without his wife's permission, in today's world we recognize the legality that mandates that all CDD must be consensual. Therefore we will do not condone nonconsensual CDD as a rule.

Oh yes, totally the same as gay sex.
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She's hated because she's ~*~beautiful~*~

A small but perfectly formed stupid. synthetics makes a post to customers_suck about someone coming in after closing and basically being a bit of an ass. Alarm bells start ringing, though, when one notices that the post is headed "Dear fat lady".

Highlights: "So, right before I lock the door, this obese anomaly comes romping in, accompanied with a guy that is probably both her husband and brother."

"(i'm sorry that i'm so thin and beautiful and put your fat ass to shame.)"

"I fucking hate making anything for fat people as it is, especially smoothies"

"Of course she uses a Check Card, which takes a few minutes to run through because it was bad initially =/"

""THIS IS BULLSHIT" she scoffs, her pudged up cheeks a-ripplin'."

"A personal attack on lil' old me? Why?????? All I did was look a bazillion times better than you. n_n hehehehehe!"

"Hell, if she wants to shuffle closer to the brink of a clogged Aeorta, I guess it can't be that bad."


"Next time I'm taking that white trash ouuuuutttt."

This kind of thing happens quite a lot on CS, and I wouldn't normally post it, but the real joy comes in the comments. Naturally, people call troll, but the OP gets very confused, asking several times what a troll is. Apparently, she's not a troll, just excessively detailed! And she can't believe people would be so meeeeeean!

It will either explode into a wankfest or soon be bahleeted. Either way, get it while it's hot.
Bitch Please
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When vaginapagina attacks

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cat library

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unehepginagal asks in nyc_for_free asks here:

has anyone here ever gotten a ticket for "doubling up" through a turnstyle? i had the unfortunate luck to receive one of these $60 gems this weekend. i would really like to fight it, but i'm not sure if it's even worth it. does anyone have any experience with this that they could share? i'd like to know what i'm getting myself into here.

She also comments
i don't really mind people passing ridiculous and unfounded judgment in regards to this situation because they're totally uninformed about what actually happened and hence, their "opinions" are meaningless to me. i purposefully did not post the details of the situation to avoid ridiculous finger-wagging that i knew some would think they were entitled to give me for no reason. i'm not surprised that lots of individuals still felt the need to partake, despite their total ignorance. it's human nature to want to be up on a high horse and, since i am the only one here who actually knows the particulars of the situation, i am happy to shrug off the naysayers and take what i can from the helpful information, of which there is much.

I heart the air quotes.

Ridiculous Guy, Part 2: Electric Boogaloo!

Yes, barely 24 hours after this one went up. Here we go:

It seems that n_pacione stayed up all night deleting dozens and dozens of comments from his fuckyoulist post from the other day. At one point, it was two pages of comments.

I find it very funny that Peaches thinks that if he deletes the comments that call him out on his behavior online, it somehow makes the problem GO AWAY.

Uh, no.

dmlaenker enters the fray here, and how does America's best horror author respond?

Oh, like this. In case it gets deleted, here's what he said:

"I got one question for you. GOT AIDS YET? I am sure with the path you taken you might have it already. Get yourself a female, instead of fucking another guy up the ass."

I'm confident that the kid's remark could definitely be considered libel.

This dude is a class act and a friend to all, isn't he? He's probably this close to insinuating that dmlaenker is the one who masterminded this giant "conspiracy" to keep him from getting published.

Regardless, get yourselves to this post before Peaches starts nuking comments left and right again! Laffs for all!

(Edit: Aw dammit, he finally disabled comments on that post.)