May 13th, 2007

Lyke OMG

First time posting

There's a Mother's Day theme happening with the postcards over in postsecret.

One of the secrets was that a person didn't want to graduate, nor get a job, and just wanted to have a family.

ohiohils says having a family is her main ambition in life, but luffing doesn't like that idea... nor the human race.

At one point luffing resorts to looking at ohiohils's communities to determine how smart they are.

There's nothing like wank about wanting to start a family on Mother's Day.

Someone take his soapbox away


Of course, in his rabid posting to liberal, ccnuggie seems to have forgotten neat things like "complex social and political factors", "destabilisation", and "geopolitics" all factoring into the whole Iraq situation.

Bonus points for the tag line at the bottom of the entry:

p.s. Those comparing the bible to the unrelenting hate spewed in the Koran should be ashamed. Seriously.

Unlocked at time of post.

EDIT: Apparently he made a great big cross-post of stupid, as well! This same topic shows up here in politicartoons, and again here at conservatism. Thank you for pointing this out, alveryx!

EDIT 2: And it appears ccnuggie has decided to join the party!
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o rly

"theyre idiots. making nonsense comments and saying things they never would in real life makes them

kittywonderland posts in brutal_honesty about how she just wants people to pay attention to ME for a little while.

the result of the OP's self-proclaimed whining is, of course, snark and cat macros.

edanya gets super offended on behalf of the OP and makes her very own grudge post entitled hows this for honesty.

both are unlocked.

(no subject)

TQC strikes again!

heroine_is_hot asks 'why is it ok to discriminate against smokers?'

emeraldetoile gives a perfectly reasonable, balanced answer to this question, pointing out the bleeding obvious.

muted_screams then goes batshit, accusing emeraldetoile of trying to stop her smoking on her own porch, oppressing her rights as a lesbian, and being pretentious. Smooth!

ETA: also, let's not forget that there's "no damn difference" between discriminating against blacks and discriminating against smokers.

Ridiculous Guy

So n_pacione writes yet another diabolically bad short story, and somehow, one of his many, many enemies finds out.

Hence, this rather incoherent post on fuckyoulist. I will copy and paste just in case this one gets deleted:

Fuck you HorrorGal for stealing all my creative properties and tearing them apart for your sick little games -- I hope someone gleefully burns your house down for it and you had no right to distribute part of a story that is trying to get placed. For those assholes who think copyright theft is funny and saying that I got dropped from a publication when I didn't you fucking assholes. Go rape yourselves with a harpoon gun you fucking cunts. Fuck you Koalin for lying through your teeth about not distributing Blood Contender. Do you think that shit is funny you pieces of shit -- personally I don't so kindly quit distributing my titles that are not previously published anywhere. Bastards.

Edit: He was rejected from another publication, namely this one, which seems to be the main reason for the fuckyoulist rant. Add yet another group to his list of enemies!

As you might expect, where Peaches goes, just about everyone he's pissed off at is sure to follow.

Personally, he continues to amaze me by showing how truly deluded he is. I don't even think Peaches even knows how to copyright anything.
christmas decoration

Isn't Sunday "Meta" day here?

surprisesex has her axe to grind...

"She doesn't deserve kids, 'cause she was MEEEEN to me!"

Sorry guise, I tried to resist the temptation, but "You betta not meta" just seemed too much of a personal challenge, and it's been a shitty day for me.  Imagining the potential wank just cheered me up too much. I'm a sad case, I know.

Edit: To all my fine pooprz...Please credit the "poopin cat" icon you "stoled" to cumaeansibyl , she made it.
Thanks, bb!