May 11th, 2007

Mr & Mrs Comfort

Mock_The_Stupid - In the OP, Comments, ETC

A post is approved in mock_the_stupid, a community with the ostensible mission of mocking things that are, well, stupid, that mocks the following New Zealand road sign:


Now, I just got back from New Zealand, and I passed these signs more than once. I would laugh, but that's because I'm immature and I find the word "load" to be hi-larious.

But, apparently the "stupid" in the sign is the word "insecure". In the comments, those who do not get the stupid are informed that the "correct" word should be "unsecure". Those stupid Kiwis and their silly word errors!!!

Except, "insecure" is the right word, in New Zealand English. Hell, I'd argue that it would even apply in US English.

stupid_free proves daily that there's more than enough real stupid out there to mock - why the hell are they letting that sort of dreck through over at mock_the_stupid? Is opalcat a masochist?
kidding me

I'm not normally one for meta stupid...

Oh I'm Offended By The Internets!

A small stupid, but a slight irritant. Like a few grains of sand in the vajayjay after a day at the beach.

In this post right here, we have a pregnant woman bitching about what she has read on cf_hardcore.

The stupid? If you're that hormonal/pregnant/butt hurt over what you read on the internets, don't willingly sit there and browse a community that clearly disagrees with your life.

A Public Service Announcement!

From caseus and njyoder:

You are too old to internet! Grow up! Quit being so immature! You're 50 40 36 - you should be doing mature stuff like raising babies and working a job, not pwning my ass on LiveJournal!!

Wow, you learn something new every day!

njyoder, caseus, please let me know at what age it will be unseemly to laugh at you on the internet - I wouldn't want to make an ass of myself over at the bridge club!