May 9th, 2007

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Immigrants should only come from the EU or Scandinavia, because a) those worthless minorities exploit the system and b) don't like white people too much. Sure I mentioned North America, but what happens in Canada applies to the whole continent!

PS - No ad hominems or you're racist relics!!!

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The North American Identity
I believe should be a European one. I also believe immigration should ONLY emanate from those countries of the EU - or Scandinavia. I believe the unskilled labor certain ethnicities provide the economy is offset by the cost of imprisonment and the insurance premiums going up after they steal my car, as well as the feted living conditions that they bring to the communities they inhabitate. I think it's unhealthy for a white person on their legal land to be around different groups of people that 1)exploit the system(In Canada: Immediate Welfare and Health Insurance, fresh of the boat) and 2) Who really don't like white people too much.

Apart from putting them in boats and shipping them out I suggest a wave of European immigration government sponsored to dilute the already messed up social landscape.

Opinions besides useless ad hominems or "you're racist" relics
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Tammy Faye is dying, who is making money?

This could be a minor stupid, it could be major, all I know it that I never thought so low of some of the people on ONTD until this post about Tammy Faye Baker, who is dying of lung cancer, and stopping treatment after it brought her down to a "scarecrow" like 65 pounds. I'll give ONTDers credit; the first time the story was posted it was nothing but love for my most favorite Surreal Life cast member. But, the second post draws the stupid.

so_typically_me responds with well whoever has her in the death pool is pretty lucky... lol u guys are making this women out to be a saint. She was married to one of the biggest evangelical scammers ever

aloneinthetown does the obligatory OT comment, OT but omg my last wisdom tooth is growing in and it hurts like a BITCH. :((

Even after responding to so_typically_me's comment with too soon oyfreakinvey chimes in later with I Want to see pictures

and perfectisfake comes in with Puh-lease. I bet god and his faith will get you really far.

ONTD: The Bottom Feeders of LJ? Is it safe to call them that yet? Or am I overreacting? :/
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